iNSPKTR: People’s Safety Enhanced by Mobile Technology

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — ARC Business Solutions Inc. (ARC) is excited to announce a people-focused mobile business solution that enhances safety by streamlining the inspection function. According to International Labor Office statistics, 120 million occupational accidents occur annually at workplaces worldwide. Organizations are keenly focused on understanding and better managing safety and accident prevention. An important premise of prevention is having process and tools to support the inspection protocol – for instance in a construction setting where equipment is inspected/certified on a daily basis – that can mitigate these risks.

ARC’s iNSPKTR platform is a cross-industry tool enabling personnel to perform critical inspections using mobile devices. Through an intuitive and easy to use interface, inspections are easily completed, and immediately stored and available for review by management anywhere in the world. Graham Murray, ARC’s President, commented on these solutions delivering value on a number of dimensions: “organizations can act in preventive manner with reliable and actionable information to reduce safety risks for people; they can derive quantifiable cost reductions due to accelerated processing of inspections instead of the typical constraints in paper-based inspections; along with timely and accurate inspection data to drive data analytics – to detect risk patterns, recurring issues, root causes, demonstrate compliance, or simply for mining historical information”.

ARC’s customers using iNSPKTR have found:

  • Better overall workplace performance, data quality, communication and safety
  • A reduction in costs relating to the inspection function
  • Simplification in their reporting
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities for escalation and resolution of workplace issues, coupled with abilities to  identify issues related to corporate policies, procedures and/or staff training
  • Improvements in traceability and audit capabilities with corporate and industry compliance requirements
  • The tool as a way to assist in attaining certifications such as ISO9001:2008
  • Benefits due to accelerated and streamlined timing of key business information
  • A reduced reliance on paper

About ARC Business Solutions Inc.

ARC operates out of 5 regions – Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Regina and Nevada USA – and services a broad base of private and public sector clients. Service delivery is focused in four main technology solution verticals: Systems Delivery, Enterprise Content Management, Mobile Solutions and Managed Services; with industry expertise in Energy, Financial Services and the Public Sector.


Press Contact:
Cole Harvey
Director, Corporate Communications
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