Solution – Human Resource Training Program

Executive Summary

  • PeopleSoft Application
  • ULTIPRO Enterprise
  • ERP Training Program
  • Curriculum Development
  • Training Delivery

Business Case

Our client implemented a new PeopleSoft System application and needed assistance with the training of a large number of seasonal staff who would be using the system. The new application consist of four modules including:

  • HR/Payroll
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Time & Attendance
  • eRecruiting

These components provided the employees with functions to review their schedules, enter the times, generate accurate payroll, etc.

Approximately 800 staff needed to be trained using in-person, small group, two hour, hands-on sessions in a three week period immediately prior to the peak employment season. ARC was given two business days notice of the need due to cancellation of the planned service by another training organization. ARC was able to provision a qualified resource in time to complete the final preparations and start the training program without requiring any student or training session re-scheduling.

Business Solution

Training curriculum and materials (PowerPoint presentation, handouts, policy materials, and standard procedures) were prepared by the team.

Training was provided onsite at the client’s corporate headquarters.

Training session scheduling for the 800 staff during the 3 week period was intense and demanding, requiring dedicated professionals with exceptional communication skills. The training sessions were held during the work day, evenings and on weekends to accommodate staff availability schedules. The trainees consisted of a user base with a very broad and diverse range of computer skills, age and employment demographic from temporary high-school students, full-time career executives and retired part-time senior citizens.

Training was completed as required despite one of the trainers being off ill unexpectedly during the training and the company operations were not impacted by the new system being brought on just before the peak employment season.