2018 in Review: Celebrating a Year of Innovation

2018 in Review: Celebrating a Year of Innovation

Join us as we reflect back on our proudest moments from the last twelve months

At ARC Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading IT solutions to our valued customers.

To continuously exceed the expectations of our clients, we approach every project with trust, value and innovation in mind.

In 2018, we were fortunate enough to secure new opportunities and forge new relationships, consistently relying on these core principles to guide our efforts in the right direction.

Thus, as the year draws nearer to its end, we thought we would share this annual review post to highlight our greatest achievements and noteworthy developments.

It is our hope that by reflecting on the progress ARC Business Solutions has made, you will share our optimism for 2019, and experience the same enthusiasm our employees and team members have been enjoying when they think about what’s to come.

Let’s get to it!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Moments And Accomplishments From 2018:

1. Continued Growth

Since our inception in 1998, ARC Business Solutions has expanded our operations considerably. 

This year, we have over 100 employees, and have benefitted from strategically adding members to our team who bridge knowledge gaps and put new plans into motion.

We have also focused on advancing the services we offer via our  five separate divisions— Solutions Delivery, EIM, Managed Services, Mobile Solutions, and Training. 

These milestones are a direct result of the expertise our Board of Directors bring to the table, the hands-on skills and creative problem solving abilities our team members display every day, and the strong relationships we have been able to build with our clients.

In 2019, we aim to not only sustain the growth we have experienced this year, but to forge ahead with new initiatives and operational ambitions. 

2. Mobile Solutions

2018 was a rewarding year for ARC Business Solutions and our mobile solutions department.

To start, we launched our brand new community building app, CommuniBee. The app was originally created to meet the needs of our client, the Glastonbury Community League. After receiving such positive feedback, we decided to take the app to the other community leagues in Edmonton. Willowby Community League has just signed up, and other leagues are expressing interest.

Laurie Matheson, Communications Director for Glastonbury Community League, shares her perspective on this major milestone:

“This is a smart, elegant and simple solution that all leagues can use! It’s a great way to modernize membership sales and generate sponsorship dollars. We are super happy with the results and hope to see many community leagues join us in using this platform.”

Another of our products, the ARC Reach app, was adopted by several acclaimed clients in 2018, including:

  • George Brown College

  • Baycrest Health Sciences

  • Elections Saskatchewan

And more.

Lastly, our Bid Beacon app, which allows silent auction guests to bid on items using their mobile device, was downloaded and used for more than 400 auctions over the last twelve months. We also had over 2000 guests place 25000 bids on over 4000 items. 

Moving into 2019, our focus on mLearning and mobile apps will continue to be just as unwavering. We are excited to update our products and fine-tune them for maximum usability and convenience.

3. Educational Resources

This year was the first year that ARC Business Solutions was able to offer product webinars, hosting them for both current clients and potential clients alike. 

These webinar sessions are easy to access, and are usually an hour long or less, making them convenient to attend.

In each webinar session, we discuss one of our mobile apps, discussing the associated benefits and giving interested users a brief run through the various features it offers.

We are proud to announce that our webinar schedule has already been confirmed for 2019. 

Stay tune for a complete list of dates and times, or to register for an upcoming session.

We look forward to offering these informational get-togethers in the New Year, and hope to continue building excitement about our products and the advantages they provide!

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