A Guide to Leveraging Your Current Learning Materials in Your Mobile Training App

A Guide to Leveraging Your Current Learning Materials in Your Mobile Training App

Discover how your business can improve employee training outcomes by presenting your learning materials in a new way

Most businesses have put a considerable amount of time into developing their employee training materials and gathering content that can be used to help staff members perform better in their roles.

Thus, it just doesn’t make sense for these companies to completely discard their materials when they decide to implement an mLearning strategy to improve employee engagement and increase retention rates.

In fact, at Reach, we believe that a company’s current learning materials are the perfect building blocks for the framework of your new mobile training app. They provide a base from which your new and improved mLearning platform can be constructed.

But how, exactly, will Reach use your existing learning materials to create a mobile training app that benefits both your business and the people who work there? And what should you know about the process?

These are the questions we will be answering today.

Here Is Our Guide to Leveraging Your Current Learning Materials Via A Mobile App:

1. Review And Prioritize

How long has it been since your company last revised its employee training materials? Chances are, some of the content is not relevant or needs to be updated. And what better time to do it than before you invest in a training app?

Now is the time to break down the core pillars of your training process, add any educational information that may be missing, and determine how your lessons should be structured within your mLearning platform.

Remember, the more fine-tuned and concise your learning content is, the better the educational experience will be for your employees.

2. Get Your Employees Involved

Have you been wondering what types of content or lessons would improve employee engagement during your training process? Why not get the answer straight from them?

Your employees are the greatest resource when it comes to identifying gaps in your training curriculum. Why not conduct a poll, or invite your employees to participate in a brainstorming session?

Before a team of software developers can take your learning materials and reinvent them in the form of a mobile training app, it’s imperative that all of the educational information your business requires has been accounted for.

Then, and only then, can you develop an app for training employees that will truly meet your unique business needs.

3. Look Ahead

When revising and finalizing your learning materials, it’s crucial to consider how this content will hold up in the future. Including lessons or data that could quickly become irrelevant or dated could actually hinder your results rather than help them.

This is the time to ask yourself: “How might our company’s employee training process evolve in the future?”

By being proactive, you can prevent your mLearning platform from becoming irrelevant or less effective due to obsolete information.

Fortunately, at Reach, we develop our mobile training apps to be highly flexible, and give you complete control over content management. So, in the event that you do need to change or update content, you can do so with ease.

With this being said, you don’t want to have to continuously log into your training app to keep up with content changes. It could become a full time job! So the more you prepare ahead of time, the less you’ll have to scramble down the road.

By following these three simple steps, you can leverage your current learning materials and get the maximum amount of benefit from your app.

How Can Reach Help?

Our team of qualified and experience software developers will take the current curriculum you provide and work it into an mLearning structure that works.

Using the latest gamification techniques, we will create an engaging and better learning experience that your employees will love. If you are not looking for gamification, that’s fine too! We work with you to determine what works best.

Our mobile training apps turn your employees into their own trainers, giving them the power to complete their individual learning pathway at their own pace, in a convenient and accessible mobile app. 

And the best part? Your training cycles will become more efficient. You’ll be able to monitor where your employees are in their training process, view how they are performing, and tailor the learning experience so that your business outcomes are being met.

Still not sold on mobile training for your business?

You may be interested to know that a study by CSE Software found that 70 percent of organizations who implemented a mobile learning strategy have reported being more adaptive to market changes than before.

And not only that, but two thirds of employees who work for companies with a mobile learning strategy say they are more engaged with the learning process.


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