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About ARC

We’re an Information Technology Company of 75+ people founded in 1998. We have offices and staff in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Regina, USA.   We have staff and clients throughout North America.

Our tagline is: Trust • Value • Innovation

ARC's Mission

ARC’s Mission is to provide superior Information Technology services, resources, products and value-driven solutions to our clients though collaborative innovation.

Our Values

We Create Partnerships With Our Clients

We are successful when our clients are successful. The full support of our company is available to our clients and everyone is accountable. We are practical and active contributors to ensuring our clients are successful and that the business solution is of the highest quality.


We Invest In Our People

We value our people. We ensure only the finest resources represent ARC, and place an emphasis on recruiting and retaining the best-qualified professionals. We insist on professionalism, integrity, honesty, reliability, and responsiveness.

We Build Strong Relationships

We value our relationships. Long-term relationships are important to us. We work closely with our clients to enhance understanding of their core business and related needs as these transform over time.


We Offer Technology Solutions That Make Business Sense

Customers value solutions that make business sense. We emphasize alignment of the technology solution with target business benefits. We are prepared to conduct due diligence, assemble options, assist in making tough choices, and always act with a client’s best interests to realize the desired business benefits.

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How Can We Help?

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