An Inside Look at How ARC Develops Quality Gamified Learning Platforms

An Inside Look at How ARC Develops Quality Gamified Learning Platforms

See how we put our clients first through every phase of the development process

The process of developing a game-based learning app is intensive and painstaking, even for the most qualified IT professional. It requires an in-depth understanding of the desired outcomes a client presents, and an innovative approach that allows room for creativity, while still adhering to a strong foundational structure.

In a nutshell? It really is a science.

And it’s a science that ARC has spent plenty of time perfecting.

In fact, we’ve organized our app development and roll out process into four stages, which are:

  1. Requirements

  2. Configuration

  3. Implementation

  4. Analysis and Support

Each stage is imperative in order to create a long-lasting game-based learning solution that will meet your company’s needs well into the future.

So, what exactly is ARC’s approach to developing our game-based learning apps? And what can you expect the process to look like, if you hire us to build your app? 

Here is a Quick Breakdown of Our Development Process:

1. Needs Assessment and Goal Identification

Before we develop an app for our clients, it’s crucial that our developers have a clear understanding of your business and the problems you are trying to solve.

During this initial phase of our development process, we will sit down with you and ask questions to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and learning requirements. We also determine whether or not serious gaming and game elements will fit within your solution.

2. Confirmation of Business Requirements

We always review our project outline with you, the client, to verify that we are on the right track.

We’ll go over every learning, design, functional, and technical requirement that has been confirmed for your app, taking the time to finalize your vision and solidify a framework that will address all of your concerns. Are you set on simple quizzes with no gamification? Or do you want to develop a deep, serious game with immersive game resources and a backstory? The direction is up to you, and our team of game designers can advise you on which elements will work best.

We want you to feel 100 percent confident in the direction your project is taking before we get started on the development process. That way, we can set out to build your solution knowing the outline we have put together is on point and signed off.

3. Content Integration and Configuration

Once the business requirements have been confirmed, it’s time to begin adding content. This is when your team will get involved in the process. ARC Reach’s built-in management dashboard allows you to take control of your learning materials. Upload learning content in the form of text, videos, images, documents, links, and more. Use Reach to create quizzes, branching simulations, team-based objectives, and other learning modules.

If you are focusing on a specific skill, like First Aid, you may want to break your skills down into smaller modules that are easier for your employees to digest.

However you want to structure your educational content, our project team will provide professional learning recommendations to make your content more engaging and memorable for your employees.

4. Implementation

After we have determined which specific game mechanics will be used in your mLearning app, it’s time for our team to get down to business. This is when all of the actual development and construction of your app takes place.

During this phase, our team of dedicated developers will be constantly testing the functionality of your app, adjusting where required and ensuring everything performs as it should before passing access to the app off to you and your business.

When all aspects of your game-based training app have been finalized, and we are confident that there are no remaining bugs or glitches, it is then time to do the official roll-out. This is when your app becomes available on all major app stores and your employees can download it directly to their devices. The app is also made available on major web browsers through a simple link.

5. Ongoing Support

Our team takes care of solution hosting and ongoing maintenance. We are available to you for any tech-related concerns, long after your solution has been implemented

We know that our clients appreciate having a knowledgeable and tech-savvy team to turn to. After all, your business isn’t going to run itself.

With our ongoing support, all you have to do is send us an email or pick up the phone. Whether you’re looking to change a function or feature of your app, or simply need assistance in fixing an error or bug… we’ve got you covered.

Available Gamification Features:

At ARC Business Solutions, we specialize in game-based learning apps and always strive to offer the newest and latest tech solutions to our customers.

Here are some of the gamification features we can build into your app:

  • Progress reports and displays for both users and administration

  • Simulations designed to train users on how to respond to real-life situations

  • In-depth game theme/story (based around learning objectives) that we develop with you

  • Various game engines (exploration, empire building, simulation-based)

  • Reward/currency systems to gate training

  • “Boss” fights, or final objectives for individuals/teams to complete collaboratively

  • Entry-level game mechanics: points, badges, leaderboards

And more!


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