ARC @ KMWorld 2019

KMWorld is designed for Chief Information Officers, Chief Knowledge Officers, Knowledge Managers, Information Technology Managers and Professionals, Executive Management, Intranet Managers, Information Architects, Content Managers, Customer Experience Professionals, and anyone who wants to run an innovative, knowledge-driven enterprise.

Daniel Lee, ARC’s Director of Enterprise Information Solutions, and Zeke Iribar, ARC’s Manager of Business Productivity Solutions, shared their expertise with the KMWorld community this year in a pre-conference workshop on knowledge management automation with SharePoint and Office 365 as well as two speaking sessions on knowledge management in the public sector and adopting Office 365 ecosystem of tools.

Zeke Iribar, ARC's Manager for Business Productivity Solutions, shares his path to adopting Office 365 at KMWorld 2019

Artificial Intelligence & KM

Artificial intelligence to automate all aspects of knowledge management from content management to expertise location and robots as new members of KM teams were hot topics at KMWorld 2019. As one presenter aptly put it, “AI right now is like cleaning out the garage when spring arrives…everyone talks about it, but very few do it!”

The 'Accidental' KMer

One consistent theme at KMWorld is the shear number of professionals who fall into the knowledge management field accidentally – and 2019 was no exception.  Reasons for this vary from, “I inherited a KM project” to “My boss told me so!”

Many KMWorld first-timers were eager to connect with established KM professionals (like ARC’s own Daniel Lee) to share their new ideas and seek counsel on leading practices.

Daniel Lee, ARC's Director of Enterprise Information Solutions, with Deloitte's Pepper the Robot

KM In The Age Of Smart Machines

What became clear from ARC’s time at KMWorld 2019 is the tremendous opportunity for organizations to put artificial intelligence to work to solve real-world problems. AI won’t replace knowledge workers, however, these smart machines can successfully work alongside smart people to:

  • Improve decision making;
  • Automate repetitive work;
  • Quickly analyse large data sets;
  • Generate and structure content; and
  • Provide self-service engagement with robotics, chatbots and intelligent agents.

KMWorld 2019 Conference Program Highlights

Knowledge Cafe: Mentoring Morning

In this interactive session, attendees share their KM challenges with each other. There are multiples tables and at each table there is a KM industry mentor and topic. Participants have time to visit at least three different tables.

At Daniel Lee’s table, “AI and KM” 3 themes emerged:

  1. Finding and connecting with people and expertise in organizations is still a critical function for KM. Three participants during one round were from the same organization and admitted it wasn’t until they all attended KMWorld that they knew of each others’ existence;
  2. Successful AI and KM requires KM to join inter-disciplinary teams to brings its own unique set of methods and tools to the AI project;and
  3. From small- to medium-sized businesses, associations, and publications, to large management consulting firms, every size organization imaginable is solving KM problems.

KM: Customer Service Driver In The Public Service

This session follows a multi-year, multi-phase KM plan to deliver responsive and trusted expertise to customers and employees as the source of land registry and land information services in British Columbia. Hear about the first two phases of this project: the development of an organization-wide KM strategy and the continuous improvement of a SharePoint portal to equip employees with the very best knowledge, insights, and expertise available to drive exceptional customer service.
  • Lisa Poeckert, Policy Manager, Policy & Legal Services Division, Land Title & Survey Authority of British Columbia
  • Daniel P. Lee, Director, Enterprise Information Solutions, ARC Business Solutions Inc.

You Drank The Office 365 Kool-Aid, Now What?

In this session, Zeke Iribar, ARC’s SharePoint & Office 365 expert presented a guide to adopting the Office 365 ecosystem of tools, including:
  • The consolidation of knowledge in disparate systems;
  • Various pain points and pitfalls to be aware of;
  • Change and expectation management; and
  • The variety of tie-ins with classic knowledge management.

From SharePoint & Office 365, to efficient, compliant, and cost-effective data capture and management, ARC helps organizations leverage their information to achieve business results.

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