ARC Reads: April 2021 Edition

This Month: Microsoft is Setup For Teams, Cybersecurity is Not (Just) a Tech Problem & More

  • Microsoft’s new headsets and Surface headphones have Microsoft Teams buttons – Microsoft is launching Surface Headphones 2 Plus today alongside two new headsets, all with dedicated Microsoft Teams buttons. It’s Microsoft’s latest hardware attempt to push Microsoft Teams, after the company launched new intelligent speakers for Teams last month and monitors started appearing with Teams buttons earlier this year. These aren’t the only headsets to feature a Microsoft Teams button, but now Microsoft’s trying to make it the new norm. 

    Cybersecurity Is Not (Just) a Tech Problem – Remote work during the pandemic has meant that organizations had to quickly ramp up their cybersecurity efforts. But securing remote work isn’t just the job of the IT team: Ultimately companies need to make security part of every job description. And the key ingredient to make that happen is trust.  

    Ransomware – An ARC Case Study – The Challenge: The client was attacked with Ransomware!  An external entity hacked into the client’s server and encrypted files critical to their business.  The hacker then demanded a fee from the client in order to unencrypt the files but with no guarantee that they would do so if payment was made.  Get the full article here

    APIs Aren’t Just for Tech Companies – APIs are building blocks for digital transformation, but determining which APIs to develop and what products and solutions they’ll enable requires a digital mindset. You don’t have to be a tech company to reap the benefits of APIs, and they would particularly benefit small to midsize companies that now struggle to reach digital audiences through saturated and tightly controlled ad networks and ecommerce markets. APIs would position them to more easily offer products and services through emerging platforms, unbundle and re-bundle their core competencies, and offload non-core competencies to third-party providers.

    The Clever Reason Behind Those Black Lines on the Sides of School Buses – Bees, caution tape, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have proven that black and yellow make an eye-catching color combo. But the black stripes on yellow school buses aren’t just for design. Find out why here

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