ARC Reads: April 2023 Edition

This Month: Becoming More Collaborative, You are Probably Sitting Wrong – Let’s Boost your Health, Supermarket Prices, Reviewing Your Digital Platforms, Canadian Water Utilities & More!

In this April Spring edition of ARC Reads we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.  

What We’re Reading This Month


Becoming More Collaborative — When You Like to Be in Control – When leaders who are used to calling all the shots start working with peers and stakeholders who are as successful, hungry, and confident as they are, they sometimes find themselves at odds. Their previously successful decisive, command-and-control-leadership style is no longer a viable option. And unless they pivot their decision-making style and reposition themselves as open-minded, collaborative leaders, they might be putting their future success on the line.  The article is posted here. 

You Are Probably Sitting Wrong — Doing It Right Could Significantly Boost Your Health  So, what about sitting? People in office jobs sit for 46 hours per week on average, often hunched over like cooked shrimp. There must be a silly name for a fun, healthy version of sitting, which slowly takes its toll on the body and mind without intervention.

What’s Next for Batteries – Every year the world runs more and more on batteries.  Electric vehicles passed 10% of global vehicle sales in 2022, and they’re on track to reach 30% by the end of this decade. Policies around the world are only going to accelerate this growth.  Find out what is next

Are Your Digital Platforms Wasting Your Customers’ Time? – No one wants digital tools that waste their time. We all want digital experiences to offer time well spent. People engage when smart tools understand them, their situation, and the jobs they want done. But too many companies today are still building digital platforms that waste people’s time. So, what should companies be doing differently?

What Will 2023 Look Like for Canadian Water Utilities? – Sixteen Canadian water utilities came together in the Fall of 2022 to reflect on shared water utility trends. During the conversation hosted by Canadian Water Network’s (CWN) Canadian Municipal Water Consortium, senior water utility leaders discussed how challenges related to topics like affordability, capital delivery costs, and talent acquisition are driving them to develop new strategies.  Results.

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