ARC Reads: August 2020 Edition

This Month: Apple’s $2 Trillion Market Cap, The Secret To AI, A Computing Legend, & More

  • Google Music shutdown starts this month, music deleted in December – Google Play Music has been given the death sentence by Google, and the company has announced a bit more detail about how its execution will be carried out. The main message is “back up your music now,” as Google says it will wipe out all Google Music collections in December 2020.


  • Apple is now a $2 trillion company – Apple has become the first US company to hit a market cap of $2 trillion. It’s an arbitrary milestone but a significant one all the same, testimony to the pandemic-defying performance of the iPhone maker. It’s also been just two years since Apple hit a $1 trillion market cap, meaning the company has essentially doubled in value in just over 24 months.




  • Bill English: Computer mouse co-creator dies at 91 – The engineer and inventor was born in 1929 in Kentucky and studied electrical engineering at university before joining the US Navy. He built the first mouse in 1963, using an idea put forward by his colleague Doug Engelbart while the pair were working on early computing. It would only become commonplace two decades later, when personal home computers became popular.

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