ARC Reads: August 2021 Edition

This Month: AI Protecting Us, Customer Journey Mapping, Heat Waves, Clippy & More

In this hot August summer edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.  

What We’re Reading This Month

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Protect Us Against Online Fraud – In the fight to protect our private data from cyberattacks and criminals, an increasing number of businesses are relying on artificial intelligence to identify problems before they start. Take a look at a few ways AI is helping insulate our data from online fraud.  At ARC Business Solutions we have built fraud protection into a number of our solutions or enabled them in products that offer them.  We believe it will be a common security element in most systems in the future.  Feel free to reach out to learn what we have experienced here

Customer Journey Mapping –  30% of organizations have established their customer journey maps but struggle to use them effectively.  Gartner research also finds those who use journey maps effectively in their CX initiatives exceed or meet customer expectations.  At ARC we have used them to help identify both business and IT change, but to best prepare, you need to either engage “representative customers” or know them well.  Check out our white paper on our website here and Ask us how we can help!

This company uses technology and nature to cut your air conditioning bill – Heat waves are becoming more common in parts of the United States — and that means more people running their air conditioners for longer. But those air conditioners can make the problem worse, emitting greenhouse gases as they work that contributes heavily to climate change. Check out the article here.  We can see how this technology may evolve to have the option of cooling or heating with a simple controllable pivot.  This could plug into some of the demand response technology we have piloted. 

Microsoft’s new 3D emoji include Clippy coming back to life in Office – Microsoft is bringing its infamous Clippy character back to life as an emoji in Office. After a successful campaign to get some Twitter and Instagram likes, Clippy will now replace the paperclip emoji that exists across Windows, Office, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 products. It’s part of a bigger update that will see 1,800 emoji in Microsoft 365 updated with 3D designs and the company’s Fluent Design language.

3 Strategies for Rolling Out New Tech Within Your Company – Large organizations have long understood the importance of innovation. But what does it take to transform an R&D project into a technology solution that teams on the ground actually adopt? Read more.  We have found this to work well in rolling out any change to businesses, whether technology-heavy or change-heavy. 

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