ARC Reads: August 2023 Edition

This Month: Building an AI Strategy for Business, How is the Canadian Water Sector Evolving, Questions a Sales Team Should Ask After Losing (or Winning), Vertical Farms & More! 

In this August edition of ARC Reads we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month

Build a Winning AI Strategy for Your Business – The AI market is moving quickly, and the cycles in and around AI are faster than we’ve ever seen. Right now, there is tremendous opportunity for business leaders to embrace AI and adapt to the profound changes that are coming. There is exponentially greater opportunity for the businesses that use AI to lead and drive that change.

How is the Canadian water sector evolving?  Water continues to be a significant issue in Canada. Challenges with water quality, infrastructure, and resources impact many communities across the country on an annual basis.  Three of WSP Canada’s leading water experts share their thoughts on the solutions for the water issues impacting communities now, and the discussions that should be taking place about the water issues forecasted across the next decade. Article here

3 Questions Sales Teams Should Ask After Losing (or Winning) a Deal – For most leaders, it will take time to drive an impact similar to what was achieved in the case study, but along the way, account executives will feel heard, sales will be more effective, and the go-to-market teams will be able to better support sales. Ultimately, this enables leaders to turn small losses into a big win.

A Daily Dose of Vitamin D Is More Powerful Than You Think. Here’s What to Know – It’s no surprise that supplements have gained in popularity in recent years. If feeling better and living longer can be achieved by simply taking a pill, why wouldn’t we all jump at the chance?  Enter vitamin D, a key nutrient that doesn’t just support healthy immune function but also bolsters our bones, our brains and more. Before you start popping vitamin D supplements, though, you should know what to expect — and the potential risks. Check it out here. 

Empty Office Buildings Are Being Turned Into Vertical Farms – Just as cities have changed drastically over the past few years, Potter and Baras recognized that our modern food system is changing, too, and farmers must be ready to adapt. “The idea we have of what farms used to be is not what farms are today. There is no picturesque, red-barn farm anymore,” says Potter.  In Calgary, Alberta, AgriPlay Ventures transformed part of underutilized office space in Calgary Tower Center into one of Canada’s largest indoor urban farms earlier this year.


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