ARC Reads: December 2021 Edition

This Month: Sodium Battery Powered Cars, AI Automatic Movie Trailers, A Case Study on Risk Analysis, VR Driving Tests & More

In this December holiday season edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.  

What We’re Reading This Month

Sodium Batteries May Power Your New Electric Car – Half a century ago, the battery of the future was built out of sodium. The reason has to do with why the seas are salty. Sodium is a light element that ionizes easily, giving up one of its electrons. In a battery, those ions shuttle back and forth between two oppositely charged plates, generating a current. This looked like a promising way to power a house or a car. Check out the article here

Researchers built an AI that automatically generates movie trailers – A good trailer can make or break a movie, financially speaking. And an AI that can democratize the creation of high-quality movie trailers could be a game-changer for independent filmmakers. More here

ARC’s Case Study – Risk Analysis Tool –  ARC Business Solutions successfully implemented a custom Risk Analysis Tool leveraging Microsoft enterprise tools such as Dynamics CRM, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Visual Studio within the myRECA program.  Read ARC’s case study here

South Korea will use VR to determine if the elderly can keep driving  As of Monday, a three-year research project has been introduced, which will employ VR tech to assess whether drivers aged 65 years and older can remain behind the wheel. The program’s total budget is expected to reach approximately $3 million (3.6 billion won). Read more. 

How Nonprofits Can Encourage Donors to Give More –  Tis the season for giving — and not just the items on your loved ones’ wish lists. As the flood of requests filling our inboxes and social media feeds in recent weeks illustrate, charities and nonprofits are all asking for help. They want us to spread the holiday cheer (and secure end-of-year tax-deductions) by spending just as much on Giving Tuesday donations as we do on Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases. Here’s How

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