ARC Reads: December 2022 Edition

This Month: Your Tech Is Getting More Green, but Does it Make a Difference, The Global Population is Aging, the Electric-Hybrid Boat, Tech in 2023 & More

In this festive December edition of ARC Reads (grab yourself an egg nog), we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest. 

What We’re Reading This Month

Your tech is getting more green, but does it make a difference? – Whether it’s a new smartphone, speaker, laptop, or even a pair of running shoes, the daily products we use are slowly getting more green, with companies finding little ways to improve their carbon footprint.  For example, companies are now using recycled materials in products, sourcing parts from more sustainable options, and even removing chargers, cables, and extra parts from your smartphones and devices. But are these changes helping reduce environmental impact? find out here

The Global Population Is Aging. Is Your Business Prepared? – In many respects, we may think of the future as uncertain. But unlike so many technological, political, and economic shifts, demographic trends are extremely predictable. Our aging population is all but inevitable — and it will have a substantial impact on global labor pools, markets, and the future of work, with several important implications for business leaders.

This electric-hybrid boat changes marine tourism as we know it – At the top of the world a quiet revolution is taking place. In Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago a little over 1,000km away from the North Pole, a marine engineering company, a boat builder and a tour operator are piloting a scheme that they hope will convince the world – or at least a few more customers – that commercial boats don’t need to be powered by smelly, sputtering diesels. Instead, they could use something altogether more modern: a hybrid-electric drivetrain. Learn more.

Tech in 2023: 6 new priorities for your shortlist  Tech executives expect their technology budgets to rise during the next year, according to predictions from analysts and other surveys, despite the economic headwinds. ZDNET spoke to tech executives and industry insiders to find out, as spending continuing to rise, where digital leaders are looking to prioritize their investments in 2023.  Article here

Does Blowing on Hot Food Really Cool It Off? – According to the University of Washington, drinking coffee or sipping soup at anything above 110°F runs the risk of irritating your mouth. At 160 degrees, you’re in for an immediate burn.  While you may not know those exact numbers, most of us realize that a steaming drink or bubbling nacho tray could prompt injury, which is why we instinctively blow on it. But does puffing on hot food really help to cool it off, or are you just moving hot air? Find out here

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