ARC Reads: July 2021 Edition

This Month: Facebook Pay, Peloton Video Games, Utilities Digital Transformation Benchmarking & More

Facebook Pay extends its reach later this summer – This August, Facebook will be making its Facebook Pay payment service available outside its own platforms for the first time. Facebook’s announcement describes the move as providing a mobile-friendly seamless checkout experience for businesses that elect to use it, pointing out that Facebook users already use the service to send money and buy items in Facebook Shops and the Facebook Marketplace.

Utility Sector – Utilities Digital Transformation Benchmarking –  It is no longer just a CIO problem.  Technology is impacting all aspects of the utility sector (regulatory, customer, markets, and operations). Do you have a business problem you would like resolved? Connect with our Utilities sector today

Peloton plans to launch an in-app video game where you pedal to control a rolling wheel Peloton is entering the video game business. Today the company announced its latest idea to get people to exercise: an in-app video game tentatively called Lanebreak. The game, which will only be available for Peloton bike owners and subscribers, involves riders changing their cadence and resistance to meet various goals and control an on-screen rolling wheel. Players can choose a difficulty level, the type of music they want to hear, and the duration of the track before starting. 

How to Keep Your Cool in High-Stress Situations – When faced with a high-stress situation, one that even feels threatening, it can feel like we don’t have control over our response. Research has shown that our bodies can instinctively go into a “fight-or-flight” reaction. As a leader, the more effectively you can self-regulate these reactions the better you can lead and help others. Read more

Cyber Attacks – Are becoming more and more prevalent.   ARC’s expertise in Utility and Pipeline can help protect your physical and IT assets.  Did you know we even have expertise in advising to build an Electro Magnetically Shielded Data Centre as per NERC specifications? Now that’s cool! Check out some articles we have collected on cyberattacks this month: To combat cyberattacks, the US government and businesses must work more closely and New cybersecurity order issued for U.S. pipeline operator

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