ARC Reads: July 2022 Edition

This Month: Google Warns About Spyware, Cybersecurity Questions, Renting a Car Right Now, Free Photoshop & More

In this beautiful July edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month


Google Warns Spyware Being Deployed Against Android, iOS Users – Researchers from Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) revealed details in a blog post by TAG researchers Benoit Sevens and Clement Lecigne about campaigns that send a unique link to targets to fake apps impersonating legitimate ones to try to get them to download and install the spyware. None of the fake apps were found on either Apple’s or Google’s respective mobile app stores, however, they said. Read more here

Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do With Self-Control) If procrastination isn’t about laziness, then what is it about? – If you’ve ever put off an important task by, say, alphabetizing your spice drawer, you know it wouldn’t be fair to describe yourself as lazy.

After all, alphabetizing requires focus and effort — and hey, maybe you even went the extra mile to wipe down each bottle before putting it back. And it’s not like you’re hanging out with friends or watching Netflix. You’re cleaning — something your parents would be proud of! This isn’t laziness or bad time management. This is procrastination.

7 Pressing Cybersecurity Questions Boards Need to Ask – For every new technology that cybersecurity professionals invent, it’s only a matter of time until malicious actors find a way around it. We need new leadership approaches as we move into the next phase of securing our organizations. Get the full article here

Why It’s Impossible to Rent a Car Right Now  What happened? The pandemic, the chip shortage, and the war in Ukraine, for starters. But this isn’t just a short-term shock; the car rental market could be changed forever. That’s likely to mean permanently higher prices, an influx of electric cars, and the appearance of Chinese brands—and perhaps even the rise of peer-to-peer car sharing as a mainstream alternative, if enough people are willing to share their cars with strangers.  Read more here

Adobe plans to make Photoshop on the web free to everyone – Filed under:  For now, it’s testing a freemium version in Canada.  Adobe has started testing a free-to-use version of Photoshop on the web and plans to open the service up to everyone as a way to introduce more users to the app. Get the link here.

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