ARC Reads: July 2023 Edition

This Month: Data – An Essential Tool for Utilities to Prepare for Extreme Weather,  6 Habits That Are Hurting Your Vision, Reducing Information Overload in Your Organization, Prepare Your Culture for AI & More! 

In this hot July edition of ARC Reads we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month

What Does It Actually Take to Build a Data-Driven Culture? – Most people who work on data science, AI, and digital transformation are painfully aware that it is often culture, not technology, that stymies their efforts. Many even know the high-level steps they’re supposed to take to fix this problem — invest attention and money into changing people’s mindsets and how the company uses data. But once companies and leaders get into the nitty-gritty details of how to do this, it can be hard to know what implementing those steps actually looks like. Article posted here. 

Data — An essential tool for utilities to prepare for extreme weather  Memories of last February’s Winter Storm Uri are likely to linger for a long time in the minds of people across Texas and the deep South. Uri battered the region with heavy snow, ice and temperatures more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit below normal, leaving millions without electricity, running water and heat. It was the costliest winter storm on record, resulting in $24 billion in losses. Data article here

6 Habits That Are Hurting Your Vision More Than You Realize –  It’s easy to take your vision for granted — especially if you’ve been genetically blessed with 20/20 vision. However, there may be certain daily habits that are causing more harm to your vision than you realize. Whether you spend most of your time looking at your cellphone or laptop or you wear your contacts all day long, you may not know how much these things are taking a toll on your eye health and vision. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, in the next 30 years at least 150 percent more people will develop vision issues. It’s never too early to care for your vision, since it will improve your chances of limiting vision problems later on in life. 

Reducing Information Overload in Your Organization – Despite company efforts to update their information flows with sophisticated new messaging and collaboration platforms, high volumes of information are increasingly the norm for most of the workforce. To understand information overload’s costs, causes and potential cures, Gartner surveyed nearly 1000 employees and managers – and found that 38% of employees say they receive an “excessive” volume of communications at their organization. More here

3 Steps to Prepare Your Culture for AI – As business leaders, today we find ourselves in a place that’s all too familiar: the unfamiliar. Just as we steered our teams through the shift to remote and flexible work, we’re now on the verge of another seismic shift: AI. And like the shift to flexible work, priming an organization to embrace AI will hinge first and foremost on culture. Article.


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