ARC Reads: June 2020 Edition

This Month: Pandemic Automation, Mobile eLearning, Weird Computer Keys, & More

  • The iPadification of the Mac is coming, no touchscreen required – in 2020, Apple is taking an even bigger step: it has announced that iPhone and iPad apps will run “natively” on upcoming Macs that use Apple’s own silicon.


  • The Pandemic Is Propelling a New Wave of Automation – Software programs adopted during the Covid-19 crisis make it easier to complete forms and track requests. It saves work, but could cost jobs.


  • How ARC Reach Makes It Easy to Convert Your eLearning Solution to a Mobile App – Often times, business owners assume that the process of converting an already existing training platform into a mobile app is extensive and costly — but that isn’t necessarily the case.


  • 50 Ideas That Changed My Life – Here are the 50 ideas that changed my life. These are my guiding principles and the light of my intellectual life. All of them will help you think better, and I hope they inspire curiosity.


  • Why Are There Bumps on the F and J Buttons on a Computer Keyboard? – F and J aren’t the most important letters in the alphabet, but they might be the most important ones on the keyboard.

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