ARC Reads: June 2021 Edition

This Month: Google Conversations, John Deer Computers, Web’s Best Browser, Planning Your Digital Transformation – Part One & More

  • Google Hopes AI Can Turn Search Into a Conversation GOOGLE OFTEN USES its annual developer conference, I/O, to showcase artificial intelligence with a wow factor. In 2016, it introduced the Google Home smart speaker with Google Assistant. In 2018, Duplex debuted to answer calls and schedule appointments for businesses. In keeping with that tradition, last month CEO Sundar Pichai introduced LaMDA, AI “designed to have a conversation on any topic.”

    John Deer Turned Tractors Into Computers – What’s Next? – One of our themes on Decoder is that basically everything is a computer now, and farming equipment like tractors and combines are no different. My guest this week is Jahmy Hindman, chief technology officer at John Deere, the world’s biggest manufacturer of farming machinery. And I think our conversation will surprise you.

    You’re Probably Not Using the Web’s Best Browser REMEMBER WHEN WEB browsers were useful tools? Remember when you could follow sites you liked, check your email, and see your calendar, all without leaving the browser? Or, I should say, remember when you could do all that without Big Tech feeding your personal data into the yawning maw of surveillance capitalism? 

    How Do You Make a Robot Walk on Mars? It’s a Steep Challenge –  FROM THE SOJOURNER rover, which landed on Mars in 1997, to Perseverance, which touched down in February, the robots of the Red Planet share a defining feature: wheels. Rolling is far more stable and energy efficient than walking, which even robots on Earth still struggle to master. After all, NASA would hate for its very expensive Martian explorer to topple over and flail around like a turtle on its back.  Check out the article here

    Planning Your Digital Transformation – Part One – A Digital Transformation is often viewed as an implementation of a digital technology into all areas of business.   Digital transformations help sustain long-lasting relationships and give us a better understanding of the needs of our customers. The focus in part one of this three blog series involves things to consider as you map out the plan to jump-start your digital transformation.

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