ARC Reads: June 2022 Edition

This Month: Great Idea Perspectives, Hole In One, A Case Study on System Delivery, The Hacker Gold Rush & More

Summer is here! In this June edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month

Think You Have a Great Idea? Ask These 6 Questions to Gain Perspective – It doesn’t take much for us to be energized by new things, whether it’s a product we’re working on, a book proposal, or a process in need of revitalization. Elated by shiny new ideas and excited to move fast, we grab the opportunity to think big and go big. We gather our teams and plunge into action, presenting only the benefits of our brainchild and creating a plan to deliver on its promise. Our goal is to dazzle and persuade while blinding ourselves and others to possible downsides. Get the article here

The Strange Business of Hole-in-One Insurance – On a warm day in September 2009, Jason Hargett, a 35-year-old restaurant manager and father of 4, stepped up to the tee at Red Ledges golf resort in Heber City, Utah. It was the end of a charity tournament and a big prize was on the line: Anyone who sunk a hole-in-one would win $1m. Hargett took a swing. The ball careened 150 yards through the air, plopped onto the green, and slowly rolled back into the hole. Cheers erupted from the small crowd as Hargett sprinted down the fairway in disbelief. But one entity wasn’t celebrating: the insurance firm that had been hired by the organizers. Read more

Case Study – System Delivery: Utilities Settlement Code Changes -The challenge: a business case was required to assist with corporate decisions around prioritizing and financing a system. ARC provided a high-level solution. Check out our case study here! 

These Things Are Blocking Your Home’s Wifi Signal  Your home wifi is your lifeline to the internet, which, by extension, is your connection to the world. With internet companies charging what they do these days, you expect your speeds to be fast and constant, in order to watch 4K streaming or play games online with friends. However, there are plenty of obstructions around your home that can stop your wifi from performing at its peak. 

The Hacker Gold Rush That’s Poised to Eclipse Ransomware  – Ransomeware attacks, including those of the massively disruptive and dangerous variety, have proved difficult to combat comprehensively. Hospitals, government agencies, schools, and even critical infrastructure companies continue to face debilitating attacks and large ransom demands from hackers. But as governments around the world and law enforcement in the United States have grown serious about cracking down on ransomware and have started to make some progress, researchers are trying to stay a step ahead of attackers and anticipate where ransomware gangs may turn next if their main hustle becomes impractical. More on the Hacker Gold Rush here

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