ARC Reads: June 2023 Edition

This Month: This Month: AI Can Help You Ask Better Questions, Here’s What a Lab-Grown Burger Tastes Like, Building an Effective Cybersecurity Training Program, A Shining Example of Green Energy in Morocco & More! 

In this June edition of ARC Reads we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month

AI Can Help You Ask Better Questions — and Solve Bigger Problems – Just a few years ago, businesses wrestled with artificial intelligence mainly in the abstract — a “future of work” problem they’d have to contend with down the line. Now? More than half the companies around the world are actively adopting AI. Although investments are particularly high in industries such as health care, data management and processing, cloud computing, and fintech, all types of organizations and functions have incorporated AI technology into their operations. And generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are forcing leaders to ask where and how AI can help their businesses.  More here.

Here’s What a Lab-Grown Burger Tastes Like  Companies are engineering meat in the lab. Will anyone eat it? Sitting in a booth in a hotel lobby in Brooklyn, I stared down the lineup of sliders, each on a separate bamboo plate. On the far left was a plant-based burger from Impossible Foods. On the right, an old-fashioned beef burger. And in the middle, the star of the show: a burger made with lab-grown meat. I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian. I drink whole milk in my lattes, and I can’t turn down a hot dog at a summer cookout. But as a climate reporter, I’m keenly aware of the impact that eating meat has on the planet. Article.

Building an Effective Cybersecurity Training Program –  Just as sports teams practice and train for upcoming games, your organization should be constantly and consistently practicing and training for cybersecurity events, building the muscles and skills they’ll need to respond when a cyber-attack inevitably happens. Planning and scheduling training and exercise is crucial because it allows teams to assess their performance and readiness. Team exercises should be done regularly and with the same tools, techniques, and procedures used in daily operations, and simulations should reflect real-world scenarios that teammates are likely to encounter in their daily work. This helps to build confidence in responding to specific threats and ensures that individuals are prepared to act accordingly. After each exercise, it’s important to provide feedback and discuss what worked well and what could be improved. Helping teammates learn from their mistakes and improve their responses is one of the most valuable takeaways from any training event.

Technology is Radically Changing Sleep as we Know it – From sleep trackers to wakefulness drugs, the 21st century has seen an influx of new technology that could radically alter the way we sleep.
Many of these new technologies chase the dream of optimized slumber. They promise to help tailor our sleep schedules to fit around our social lives, help us sleep for longer or even skip a night’s sleep altogether.  Here’s how technology is permeating our sleep, and what the future holds.

A Shining Example of Green Energy in Morocco – Case Study – we worked with the Moroccan Government in its efforts to build an innovative solar plant that will work far into the night.  The better the question:  Can sustainable energy drive sustainable growth?  Facing a reliance on expensive, imported fossil fuels, the Moroccan Government was searching for a way to turn renewable energy into reliable energy, to help them become energy self-sufficient.

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