ARC Reads: March 2021 Edition

This Edition: This Edition: Online Dictionary for Tech Jargon, Nest Hub Tells You How You Slept, An ARC Case Study, Rethinking Parking Spots, and Putting Doctors at the Center of Health Care Tech!

  • Online Dictionary Uses Simple Analogies to Decode Tech Jargon – Terms like cache, encryption, and open source likely sound familiar to anyone who browses the web on a regular basis. But unless you’re immersed in the tech world, explaining exactly what these words mean could get tricky.  Check out more on the digital dictionary here
  • Google’s new Nest Hub tells you how well you slept last night – Google has announced a new version of its Nest Hub smart display. The updated Nest Hub includes several enhancements over the model that debuted as the Home Hub in 2018, including a refined design, faster processor, and louder speaker. But the most significant upgrade is found in its ability to measure your sleep without requiring you to wear anything.
  • Catastrophic Server Failure – An ARC Case Study – The Challenge: A new office location with a small server room, another MSP provider, inadequate cooling, and a server nearing end-of-life resulted in a catastrophic hardware failure resulting in business shutdown.  Check out our case study here.
  • The Pandemic Prompts Cities to Rethink the Parking Spot –  So just as the darkness started to lift, the group began to slip orange NO PARKING bags over about 100 meters, tacking TAKEOUT/DELIVERY PARKING signs above them. Get the article here
  • Put Doctors at the Center of Health Care Tech – The medical field is in the midst of a major transformation, fueled by a combination of legislation and rapid adaptation. This trend has been most apparent in the rapid expansion of telehealth. A review of 16.7 million medical visits conducted from January to June 2020 revealed a staggering 2,000% increase in telemedicine visits. For some of my patients, this ability to conduct a visit through their computer or smartphone has been life-changing. Read more here.

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