ARC Reads: May 2022 Edition

This Month: How to Map Out Your Digital Transformation, Ways to Improve Your Memory, ARC’s Case Study, Five Ways AI is Saving Wildlife & More

In this bright and sunny May edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month

How to Map Out Your Digital Transformation – At the start of the pandemic, businesses around the globe found themselves exposed to an unexpected boost in digitalization. Those who promised to keep the wheels turning were given carte blanche to do whatever it took to keep a company running. But as many now return to the office, they also realize that the digitalization lodestar is beginning to fade. Where investment priorities were clear early in the pandemic, companies now face the same uncertainties regarding digitalization as they faced before it. More here

11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory – Whether you want to be a Jeopardy! champion or just need to remember where you parked your car, here are 11 things you can do right now to turn your mind from a sieve into a steel trap.

Case Study – Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance – The core objective of this assignment was to understand the current state of the operation, and its related technology toolsets, and to develop recommendations to establish the best possible position/actions with respect to implementing a content management strategy over the coming years. Find the case study here

What the Best Presenters Do Differently  Understanding the difference between presenting and storytelling is critical to a leader’s ability to engage an audience and move them to action. Unfortunately, presentation software often gets in the way. Slides should be designed to complement a story, not to replace the storyteller. 

Five Ways AI is Saving Wildlife – From Counting Chimps to Locating Whales  –  Artificial intelligence has been identified as one of the top three emerging technologies in conservation, helping protect species around the world. AI is helping to protect species as diverse as humpback whales, koalas and snow leopards, supporting the work of scientists, researchers and rangers in vital tasks, from anti-poaching patrols to monitoring species. With machine learning (ML) computer systems that use algorithms and models to learn, understand and adapt, AI is often able to do the job of hundreds of people, getting faster, cheaper and more effective results.

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