ARC Reads: November 2020 Edition

This Month: Spotify Subscriptions, US Turning Away Talent, How to Clean Annoying Things, Try Reframing Your Problems & More

  • With the US turning away talent, can Canada grab the global lead on innovation during COVID-19? – The coronavirus may be devastating to the global economy, but the crisis is catapulting Shopify to new heights. The Ottawa-based e-commerce platform’s stock has soared, more than doubling the company’s valuation to $90 billion US between mid-March and June. That’s made it more valuable than e-commerce headliners eBay or Etsy have ever been, and the second-most valuable Canadian business behind RBC Royal Bank. 
  • Case Study – Knowledge Management as a Customer Service Driver in the Pubic Service – Check out one of ARC’s case studies on a multi-year, multi-phase knowledge management strategy and plan to improve the LTSA’s ability to deliver responsive and trusted expertise to its customers and employees as a driver for exceptional customer service.
  • From mouldy showers to junk drawers: how to clean the 10 things annoying you most – You have never spent so much time at home, and once you have exhausted Netflix, your eyes may alight on all the filth you’ve never noticed before. Have you ever dusted your ceiling? Of course you haven’t. But now is the time to do it, because you don’t have anything better to do. Here are all the other jobs you were previously too busy to worry about, but which will provide a sense of achievement – or at least a little exercise.
  • Struggling to Solve a Problem? Try Reframing It – How you frame your problem will influence how you solve it. Therefore, the words you choose to describe the issue are critically important. In fact, if you’re struggling to generate effective solutions, you might change the way you’ve phrased the problem. Specifically, ask yourself two questions, First, what’s the subject? 

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