ARC Reads: November 2021 Edition

This Month: Fix Your Emails, Metaverse Explained, Why Managed Services is Keeping an Eye on ‘Soft Targets’, Daily Learning & More

In this chilly November edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.  

What We’re Reading This Month

How To Fix Email … With Science! – Email isn’t broken—it’s the people who are the problem. But if you start treating it like old-fashioned snail mail, suddenly it makes sense again.  NO ONE LIKES email. It’s a broken piece of the modern world that we’ve yet to ditch despite also now having to listen for the pings of Slack and Teams. But a pair of researchers have uncovered one simple technique for reducing inbox dread: return email to its asynchronous roots. Read more here.

So what is “the metaverse,” exactly? – These days it seems like everybody and their corporate parent company is talking about “the metaverse” as the next big thing that’s going to revolutionize our online lives.  But everyone seems to have their own idea of what “the metaverse” means – that is if they have any real idea what it means at all. 

Soft Targets – What Managed Service Providers need to keep an eye on –  Cybersecurity trends are up in the IT industry and what we are hearing the most, is ransomware attacks on “soft targets”.  Are you a soft target?

Make Learning a Part of Your Daily Routine  Our capacity for learning is becoming the currency we trade on in our careers. Where we once went to work to learn to do a job, learning now is the job. Adaptive and proactive learners are highly prized assets for organizations, and when we invest in our learning, we create long-term dividends for our career development. Here’s how

Irish startup’s pocket-sized gadget shows you what food is bad for your gut –  Startup FoodMarble has developed a portable device that helps to track digestive issues.  “I think it’s very empowering for these individuals to be able to figure things out on their own,” says Troy. The FoodMarble device “gives the patient that objective information that helps to confirm that it is a real issue … [and] it gives them the opportunity to experiment with dietary factors,” she adds.

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