ARC Reads: November 2022 Edition

This Month: Customer Trust, Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy, Recovering a Hacked Account, Metropolises of Tomorrow & More

In this chilly November edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.  

What We’re Reading This Month

4 Questions to Measure — and Boost — Customer Trust – Let’s first define trust. (You’d be surprised at how people’s definitions vary.) We define it as the promise of a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its stakeholders. At its core, trust is built when an organization makes good promises and then delivers on them. We call these, respectively, stating a positive intent and demonstrating competence. Article posted here

Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy. Here’s How to Bring the Two Together – When Covid-19 forced the rapid transition to a remote workforce, it permanently shifted the role that the security teams have in an organization. Whereas previously security teams were more a back office function, today security is the foundation of the business and brand. This is true regardless of the business size or industry sector.  Bring the two together

ARC’s Managed Services – Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Recovering a Hacked Account – As our world becomes more digital, we find ourselves creating many accounts for different online services. One of these accounts can be the target of a cybercriminal. If you find yourself logged out of one of your accounts unexpectedly, that can be a sign that your account has been compromised. Security notices of login attempts from strange locations and at unusual times are also signs that your account may have been accessed by cybercriminals. Having a hacked account can be stressful, but there are steps you can take to securely recover your account and prevent it from getting compromised againContact us!

Future Cities: How the Pandemic is Driving us to Build the Metropolises of Tomorrow  The world’s cities are changing. Paris’s Champs-Élysées, one of the most gridlocked roads in the world, is going to become a giant garden. Barcelona has closed off its oldest quarters to cars. And now Milan is on the path to becoming the world’s first 15-minute city (read on to find out what that means).  

Does Blowing on Hot Food Really Cool It Off? – According to the University of Washington, drinking coffee or sipping soup at anything above 110°F runs the risk of irritating your mouth. At 160 degrees, you’re in for an immediate burn.  While you may not know those exact numbers, most of us realize that a steaming drink or bubbling nacho tray could prompt injury, which is why we instinctively blow on it. But does puffing on hot food really help to cool it off, or are you just moving hot air? Find out here

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