ARC Reads: November 2023 Edition

This Month: What Is Wi-Fi 7, And Do You Need It?, How AI Will Transform Project Management, Quishing Is The New Phishing, Staying Ahead in 2024 & More

In this chilly November edition of ARC Reads we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month

What is Wi-Fi 7 — and do you even need it? – Time to gird your browsers, y’all — Wi-Fi is getting another upgrade very soon. That’s right: about four years after Wi-Fi 6 debuted and two years after Wi-Fi 6E followed it up, Wi-Fi 7 is picking up the baton. And as someone who got his start reviewing routers, I am so tired.  More about it here

How AI Will Transform Project Management  As we have seen, the application of artificial intelligence in project management will bring significant benefits, not only in the automation of administrative and low-value tasks, but even more important, including AI and other disruptive technologies in your toolbox will it help your organization, it’s leaders and project managers select, define and implement projects more successfully.

Quishing is the new phishing: What you need to know – I remember a couple of Super Bowls ago when the hosting network displayed a company ad that was nothing more than a QR code. Even back then, I said to my wife, “Oh, boy, this could get ugly.” The point was that, like all things, QR codes always seem innocuous…until they aren’t.  Folks, we’ve arrived at that point where QR codes have started being weaponized in phishing attacks.

10 Things CIOs are Prioritizing Today to Stay Ahead in 2024 – Organizations must keep up with the pace of change or risk becoming irrelevant. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are the driving force behind implementing new technology and innovation in companies. With the rapid development of technology, CIOs are continually adapting and evolving their strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Stay Ahead.

How to Connect Employees to Your Company’s Purpose – When I ask CEOs in the new CEO workshop we run at Harvard Business School to rate the importance of having and living a great corporate purpose to the success of their company, their average response is 9.1 out of 10. In contrast, when I ask them how effectively their company’s purpose is coming to life today, their average rating is around 6 out of 10. This highlights that there is often a big gap between a company’s purpose and the reality for employees. Article here

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