ARC Reads: October 2022 Edition

This Month: Lessons From a Professional Password Cracker, Monetizing Your Company’s Data, Today’s Cyber Threats & More

In this fall October edition of ARC Reads, we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.  

What We’re Reading This Month

Lessons from a Professional Password Cracker – Ever since my Twitter account was hacked a decade ago—because of a weak password—I’ve been passionate about creating and using better passwords. I use a password manager for most accounts, and my most important passwords are long word combinations that are stored both in my head and using pen and paper.

4 Steps to Start Monetizing Your Company’s Data – Today, companies everywhere are generating unprecedented amounts of data. While data has always grown naturally as a byproduct of economic and business activity, these days, as more and more of our personal and work lives take place online, humans are creating an abundance of data daily. In fact, 90% of all the world’s internet data has been created since 2016.  More here.

It Starts With Inflation – In this post a) I will very briefly explain how I believe the economic machine that determines inflation, interest rates, market prices, and economic growth rates works, and b) work with you to apply current circumstances to that machine to come up with our expectations for the future.  Read the article here

ARC’s Managed Services – Next-Generation Advanced Security Solution For Today’s Cyber Threats  Learn how to overcome the top IT and cybersecurity challenges impacting your organization by focusing on real-time threat detection, investigating, and incident response strategies. Contact us!

Coding Isn’t a Necessary Leadership Skill — But Digital Literacy Is – While most leaders now know that tech is a vital part of business, many are wondering what they really need to know about technology to succeed in the digital age. Coding bootcamps may appeal to some, but for many leaders, learning to code is simply not the best investment. It takes a long time to become a proficient coder, and it still doesn’t give you a holistic overview of how digital technologies get made — even if you learn Python, you still won’t understand how product goals relate to business goals, why user experience research matters, or how to assess your product’s success.  More here

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