ARC Reads: October 2023 Edition

This Month: 5 Types of Stories Leaders Need to Tell, Alberta’s Electricity Prices Surged Over the Summer Due to its Deregulated Market, 4 Technologies That Could Make a Difference Next, & More!

In this spooky October edition of ARC Reads we continue to share the latest tech and business articles that have piqued our interest.

What We’re Reading This Month

5 Types of Stories Leaders Need to Tell –  Storytelling is an important leadership skill, and executives who want to succeed should master five types of narrative: Vision stories, which inspire a shared one; values stories that model the way; action stories that spark progress and change; teaching stories that transmit knowledge and skills to others; and trust stories that help people understand, connect with, and believe in you.

Alberta’s electricity prices surged over the summer due to its deregulated market  This summer, Albertans faced a substantial increase in their electricity bills as prices surged. My own electricity bill more than doubled to around $115 compared to the usual $30 to $50 range for a single person in a condominium. What can consumers do?

Scientists Cryopreserve and Revive Coral Fragments in a World First for Conservation – For the first time ever, researchers have succeeded in cryopreserving and reviving pieces of adult coral—a breakthrough that could eventually help save reefs struggling from the effects of climate change.

ChatGPT took people by surprise – here are four technologies that could make a difference next – Our crystal ball is not much better than yours, but we can try to think about what’s coming next in a structured way. For AI to have a lasting impact, it needs to be not only technologically feasible, but also economically viable, and normatively acceptable – in other words, it complies with the values that society demands we conform to.  There are some AI technologies waiting on the sidelines right now that hold promise.

How to Evaluate a Job Candidate’s Critical Thinking Skills in an Interview – Hiring is one of the most challenging competencies to master, yet it is one of the most strategic and impactful managerial functions. A McKinsey study quantified that superior talent is up to eight times more productive, showing that the relationship between talent quality and business performance is dramatic. Organizations seeking growth or simply survival during difficult times must successfully recruit A-list talent, thought leaders, and subject matter experts. This is often done under time constraints as you must quickly fill a key position.  Article here

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