ARC Reads: September 2020 Edition

This Month: Underwater Servers, Platform Fees, 100 Fascinating Facts About Earth, & More

  • Microsoft declares its underwater data center test was a success – Microsoft retrieved a 40-foot-long, 12-rack, self-contained underwater data center from its seafloor home offshore from the Orkney Islands earlier this summer. The retrieval of the Northern Isles began the final phase of Microsoft’s Project Natick research initiative, exploring the concept of deploying sealed server pods just offshore major population centers as a replacement for traditional onshore data centers.

  • A Guide to Platform Fees – Apple notoriously takes 30 percent of every digital in-app purchase; Twitch takes a 50 percent cut of subscription fees and a cut of advertising; eBay asks people to buy space and then pay a fee. Knowing just how much each platform takes is crucial to figuring out what’s best for your business, or for understanding how the businesses you’re shopping from make money. Here are the various fees each platform takes, divided into four categories: app stores, memberships, subscription services, and marketplaces.

  • ARC Business Solutions Announces Strategic Alliance with Americaneagle.comARC Business Solutions is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with digital agency Recently, both companies successfully worked together to implement a web-based content management system for an association in Alberta, a focus vertical for both organizations. Together, ARC and will help companies and organizations across North America navigate today’s challenges and usher in an era of sustained digital success.

  • Start Stopping Faster – Since stopping things is so very hard, executives make starting them even harder, dampening innovation. Sadly, these actions don’t improve decisions so much as damage speed to market and competitive positioning. There is another way. Organizations can evolve and by focusing on three specific things, they can improve their own agility and start stopping things faster.

  • 100 Fascinating Facts About Earth – In this all-new episode of The List Show, Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy is journeying to the center of the Earth, and visiting its oceans, its atmosphere, and even space, in search of 100 facts about our endlessly fascinating planet.

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