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ARC Reads: December 2022 Edition

ARC Reads: December 2022 Edition

This Month: Your Tech Is Getting More Green, but Does it Make a Difference, The Global Population is Aging, the Electric-Hybrid Boat, Tech in 2023 & More

ARC Reads: November 2022 Edition

This Month: Customer Trust, Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy, Recovering a Hacked Account, Metropolises of Tomorrow & More

ARC Reads: October 2022 Edition

This Month: Lessons From a Professional Password Cracker, Monetizing Your Company's Data, Today's Cyber Threats & More 

ARC Reads: September 2022 Edition

This Month: Drone Delivery, New Cybersecurity Regulations, AI In Canada, Ransomware Defies Seasonal Trends  & More

ARC Reads: August 2022 Edition

This Month: A Callback Phishing Campaign, The Tech Community Has The Power to Drive Change, ARC's Managed IT, Humans & AI Are Joining Forces & More

ARC Reads: July 2022 Edition

This Month: Google Warns About Spyware, Cybersecurity Questions, Renting a Car Right Now, Free Photoshop & More

ARC Reads: June 2022 Edition

This Month: Great Idea Perspectives, Hole In One, A Case Study on System Delivery, The Hacker Gold Rush & More

ARC Reads: May 2022 Edition

This Month: How to Map Out Your Digital Transformation, Ways to Improve Your Memory, ARC's Case Study, Five Ways AI is Saving Wildlife & More

ARC Reads: April 2022 Edition

This Month: The Four-Letter Code to Selling Just About Anything, ARC's Case Study (Office 365), Algorithm's Guiding Medical Decisions, Preparing for Cyberattacks & More

Case Study – Real Estate Council of Alberta (Office 365)

Successful rollout of Office 365, SharePoint Online and Teams across the organization. ARC also provided strategic direction and Teams architecture recommendations around the onboarding and offboarding of new Teams & SharePoint sites.

Case Study – Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance

The core objective of this assignment was to understand the current state of the operation, its related technology toolsets, and to develop recommendations to establish the best possible position/actions with respect to implementing a content management strategy over the coming years.

Case Study – Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

ARC Senior Captiva Consultant engaged key knowledge holders within the Ministry through a series of scheduled interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the key workflows in which they are created, captured and referenced.

ARC Reads: March 2022 Edition

This Month: AI's True Purpose is Freeing up Humans to Find the Biggest Problems, Cyber Threats - Are you Prepared?, An ARC Case Study on AMA, Robots in the Olympics & More

ARC Reads: February 2022 Edition

This Month: First All-Electric Passenger Airplane, A Century of Ways to Make Your Life Better, An ARC Case Study on a Large Professional Association, Digital Transformations & More

ARC Reads: January 2022 Edition

This Month: Supply-Chain Challenges, Sony Electric Cars, Keep Your Meetings on Track, Don't let 'Shrinkflation' Affect Your Software Development & More

ARC Reads: December 2021 Edition

This Month: Sodium Battery Powered Cars, AI Automatic Movie Trailers, A Case Study on Risk Analysis, VR Driving Tests & More

Case Study – Alberta Medical Association (AMA)

ARC lead this business and IT transformation portfolio, programs, and projects over the course of 3+ years from 2016 through to 2020 (on-going) in the following roles and with approximately ten (10) resources working across various projects.

Case Studies – Work ARC has Done for Associations

Who is ARC? We’re an award-winning information technology company founded in 1998. Founded in Edmonton, our team includes over 100 of Canada’s finest software developers, EIM experts, management consultants, business analysts, project managers, QA testers, and other vital roles

Case Study – Risk Analysis Tool

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) had a challenge of quantifying risk measures and prioritizing practice review audits for brokerages in industry. RECA’s Practice Review team ensures the financial and regulatory compliance of brokerage activities, by completing comprehensive practice reviews.

Case Study – A Large Professional Association

As part of the Client’s strategic plan, national standards, and to align with industry best-practices, the business and I.T. set to improve the member application and self-service system interfaces, data and records management, and staff processes

ARC Reads: November 2021 Edition

This Month: Fix Your Emails, Metaverse Explained, Why Managed Services is Keeping an Eye on 'Soft Targets', Daily Learning & More

ARC Reads: October 2021 Edition

This Month: Golf Tech, Digital Transformation - Part Three, Lifelong Learning Motivation, A Book On Systematic Cloud Migration & More

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