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ARC Reads: June 2021 Edition

ARC Reads: June 2021 Edition

This Month: Google Conversations, John Deer Computers, Web's Best Browser, Planning Your Digital Transformation - Part One & More

Planning Your Digital Transformation – Part One

Together, the strategic alliance of ARC Business Solutions and works to define and solve complex and robust technical and digital transformations for diverse organizations across North America.

ARC Reads: May 2021 Edition

This Month: A Stolen Art App, Twitter Blue, The Reason You Rarely See Windows In Grocery Stores, ARC's Strategic Alliance & More

Why Choose ARC Business Solutions and for Your Full Digital Transformation

Together, the strategic alliance of ARC Business Solutions and works to define and solve complex and robust technical and digital transformations for diverse organizations across North America.

ARC Reads: April 2021 Edition

This Month: Microsoft is Setup For Teams, Cybersecurity is Not (Just) a Tech Problem & More

ARC Reads: March 2021 Edition

This Edition: Online Dictionary for Tech Jargon, Nest Hub Tells You How You Slept, An ARC Case Study, Rethinking Parking Spots, and Putting Doctors at the Center of Health Care Tech!

ARC Reads: February 2021 Edition

This Edition: Would You Trade a Bitcoin for a Tesla?, LastPass Info, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce February Member Profile, Tech Can Hurt Productivity and Blue Collar Vs. White Collar Jobs

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Business in Edmonton Member Profile

ARC Business Solutions was selected as the member feature for the February edition of Business in Edmonton!

ARC Reads: January 2021 Edition

This Edition: PC Sales, Phone Target Ads, Objections at a Wedding Ceremony, ARC Case Study, and a Social Media Strategy for a Post-Pandemic World

Utilities Digital Transformation Benchmarking

Find Where You Stand With Digital Transformation Benchmarking

Improving Meter/Device Data Collection Evaluation and Analytics

Core Business: highly scalable, configurable software for utilities

Market Design and Mechanics, Load Settlement and Data Studies

ARC has expertise in the design and implementation of both regulated and deregulated markets.

NIST Cybersecurity Assessment and Remediation Services

How strong is your defense and can you recover?

Islanded, Isolated and Weakly Connected Grids

Tackle unique challenges with unique experience
Power Deregulation & ARCPower Software

EnergyPeak Forecasting and Demand Control

Visibility into both a forecast and actual data is lacking

ARC Reads: December 2020 Edition

This Edition: How to Be a Better Web Searcher, Vaccine IT Challenges, An Office 365 Case Study and the Cost of Free Websites

Case Study – Office 365 Project – Records Management, Governance & Migration

This Phase will see the successful development and execution of a migration plan to move files from the on-premise system to RECA’s existing Office 365 tenant.

ARC Reads: November 2020 Edition

This Edition: Spotify Subscriptions, US Turning Away Talent, How to Clean Annoying Things, Try Reframing Your Problems & More

Case Study – Higher Education

ARC’s Program/Project manger was personally, and officially, congratulated by the senior Program/Project stakeholders for the Early Adopter release.

ARC Reads: October 2020 Edition

This edition: IBM's 2021 split, unstructured time, digital workplace transitions, and more.

Case Study – Knowledge Management as a Customer Service Driver in the Public Service

The LTSA needed a knowledge management consultant and SharePoint developer to help them design a KM program to achieve their ambition as a knowledge enterprise of the future.
ARC Business Solutions

Solution Profile Systems Delivery Improve Member App & Self Service

ARC conducted a comprehensive review of client artefacts including: business requirements, records management policies/procedures, current system deployment, corporate strategies, plans, roadmaps, vendor relationships, security requirements, infrastructure capacity, etc.

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