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Case Study - Fabrication Client Portal

Reducing Call Volumes, Improving Sign-Off Turnaround Times


Rozen Steelworks identified two key issues that were impacting their performance:

  1.  They were spending an inordinate amount of time answering calls from clients asking what the progress on their jobs was.
  2. The schedule was being impacted by delays in receiving sign-off on engineering drawings, test plan approvals, and requests for information.

ARC Business Solutions’ mobile division worked with Rozen Steelworks to design a Client Portal application that gathers and presents the relevant data from their ERP, allowing them to create and track documents that have been sent for sign-off. Not only have client calls been reduced and turnaround has improved, but the portal also serves as a management dashboard to keep track of all projects that are upcoming and in progress.


Rozen Steelworks boast a wide range of pipe fabrication capabilities, including most metallurgies and welding processes, allowing them to fabricate, design and build everything from basic spools to complex projects. They compliment their capabilities with industry-best fitters, welders, pipe fabricators and inspectors while maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

Business Case

Rozen Steelworks approached ARC Business Solutions to help streamline some of their operations with the development of a client portal application that would improve communications and turnaround times with their clients. Additionally, the portal would give them a nice dashboard for keeping track of and managing their projects rather than using spreadsheets.

Business Solution

ARC Business Solutions’ mobile division worked with Rozen Steelworks to define what information clients were after and designed an application to present that data to their clients. A scheduled task was created to pull and normalize the information from their ERP into a new database, which would then feed the client portal.

Various documents that are sent to clients for review and signature are also tracked in this new database, with email and SMS notifications being sent to clients whenever a new document comes available. When clients log into the portal, time critical and overdue documents are highlighted to let them know that their jobs schedule is risking impact from delays.

Having all their jobs data in a structured format and easy to digest visual format also lends itself to using this dashboard for internal management of projects. Rozen has been very satisfied the solution, and subsequently hired ARC Business Solutions to expand the application to also include job estimation, replacing a large complex spreadsheet they had previously used.

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