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Case Study - Saskatchwan Ministry of Agriculture

Project Case Study

E-Form Input for Grants Management

  • Public Sector
  • Grants Management
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consulting
  • Manual input would be significantly reduced.
  • The end state would yield greater efficiencies in the Ministry’s grant and rebate process which supported government LEAN initiatives.
  • Tight integration and validation with the Ministry’s database.
  • EMC Captiva selected as preferred software technology.
  • Followed ARC’s Delivery Management Methodology (DMM) for effective project management.

DMM steps included:

Phase 1: Review and Document Current State

Phase 2: Functional and Technical Design Documentation

Phase 3: Development and Production Implementation

Phase 4: UAT Support

Phase 5: Full Production “Go-Live

Phase 6: Post Implementation Support


It was identified that the Financial Programs Division within the large Provincial government ministry was seeking an alternative for the capture of grants management applications.  It was determined there was efficiency improvements with the implementation of an Electronic Input Management (EIM) system.  Manual input would be significantly reduced, and thus, yield greater efficiencies in the Ministry’s grant and rebate process. 



Main Deliverables of Project included:

  • Overall project management
  • Perform analysis activities with key stakeholders in the project
  • EMC Captiva Implementation
  • Design of Grants Applications for Captiva Input.
  • Training of Ministry of Agriculture Technical Resource for Captiva Workflow

ARC Senior Captiva Consultant engaged key knowledge holders within the Ministry through a series of scheduled interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the key workflows in which they are created, captured and referenced.

Based on the findings within the requirements phase, the ARC Consultant created at Functional and Technical Design to form the foundation for implementation.  The Consultant developed the Captiva workflows, engaged in training with the user and provided support during production phase.

ARC was pleased to receive a support contract with the Ministry, and will be executing future phases of the project.

ARC used our ECM Delivery Management Methodology (DMM). Each stage in the methodology incorporated quality review meetings to ensure continuous communication, clarification, and development of project deliverables that lead toward the successful implementation.


Interested in finding out more? Reach out to Michael den Ouden at: [email protected]