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Case Study - Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance

Project Case Study

Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS) Consulting: Detailed Planning and Strategic Recommendations 

  • Public Sector
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consulting
  • Using internal expertise to conduct detailed planning associated with the implementation of an Electronic Document and Records Management System
  • Following Project Management methodology for consulting engagement.
  • Development of Strategic Roadmap that incorporated:
  • Process
  • Alternate Platforms
  • Sub-Projects
  • Investment
  • Resources
  • Phased over a three year period

Project Methodology:

Phase 1: Review and Document Current State

Phase 2: Strategy Development

Phase 3: Functional and Non-Functional Requirements and Architecture Proposal

Phase 4: Final Report and Presentation



A large Provincial Ministry engaged ARC Business Solutions Inc. (ARC) to review, assess and develop strategic recommendations related to an enhanced Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS). The core objective of this assignment was to understand the current state of the operation, its related technology toolsets, and to develop recommendations to establish the best possible position/actions with respect to implementing a content management strategy over the coming years.

Challenges within the Ministry with respect to current document management and workflow processes:

  • client file access is limited to one person at a time for paper files;
  • inability for more than one person to view a document that is in a workflow process;
  • priority files need to be routed through different workflows simultaneously;
  • a great deal of time is required in tracking files, finding “checked out” files, distributing requested files and ensuring accuracy in “checking in” files;
  • information and documentation regarding a client is often stored in multiple areas and branches across the division, making it difficult to effectively accomplish case management;
  • current workflow processes result in duplicated copies of documents.
  • a significant amount of the division’s knowledge assets are contained in email documentation that is not shared or accessible across the organization;
  • the computer application currently used to manage file requisitions frequently experiences problems and requires re-indexing, restoration

In-depth business analysis including:

  • A series of cross-functional diagrams show core business processes for all business units. The current state systems that underpin these processes are also documented. These process diagrams are augmented through descriptions of the related roles and system descriptions for each step in these processes.
  • Recommendations that speak directly to data collect during the study phase. Each of the recommendations addressed the efficiency limiters and/or risk identified through an analysis of current state versus a target future state.
  • Case Studies to profile jurisdictional analyses of three recent Enterprise Content Management implementations.

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