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Case Study - SOS Educational App

Enabling Education at a Healthcare Organization


Baycrest Health Sciences’ Centre for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI) identified a problem regarding elderly patient transfers.

With nearly 33% of the frail elderly population being admitted to hospitals from long-term care unnecessarily, they recognized that point-of-care staff, including nurses and personal support workers, must be more skilled than ever in observing and responding to early, subtle signs of acute deterioration.


ARC Business Solutions helped Baycrest wrap their sensory observation system up into a game-based learning application that provides real life patient scenarios for staff to complete. The app, called SOS, increased knowledge retention and improved patient outcomes, leading to a 50% decrease of elderly patient transfers.


Baycrest Health Sciences offers innovative educational initiatives and resources for Ontario long-term care homes to engage care teams and students in cultures of learning and to integrate evidence-informed approaches to care.

Business Case

Baycrest released a request for proposal (RFP) for tender that ARC responded to and won. In this RFP, they wanted to make their paper-based game for nurse training available on mobile devices. This digital format of the game was to be rolled out to all of Ontario to improve elderly patient care. Working with a game designer, the digital version was fine tuned to maximize engagement.

Business Solution

ARC met face to face with Baycrest to brainstorm and create the most ideal solution. Once requirements were confirmed, ARC developed the application using the cross-platform Ionic Framework, making it available on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

The solution also included the building of a self-serve, administrative dashboard. The dashboard allowed for user management, continuous update of content, and robust analytics to identify areas requiring further education.

The app, now called SOS, proved to be a success, reducing unnecessary elderly patient transfers to emergency rooms by approximately 50%. Given the app’s success in reducing these visits, Baycrest now plans to publicly roll out SOS on the App and Google Play stores.

The application also won the prestigious 2018 Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education.

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