Case Study: System Delivery SAP Data Conversion

System Delivery SAP Data Conversion

Executive Summary

  • Management Consulting
  • SAP Implementation
  • SAP IS-U
  • Project Progress Audit

Business Case

A leading North American liquid pipeline operator had initiated a SAP implementation
project that was in jeopardy of going over schedule by many months and exceeding the
budget dramatically.

Business Solution

ARC was engaged to conduct a thorough internal assessment and review of the project
approach and status. ARC assembled a team of consultants with proven experience in
previous data conversion initiatives involving the same resultant CIS system. The team
was comprised of Senior Architect, Team Lead, Conversion Analysts and Subject Matter
Experts in SAP IS-U and SAP EMIGAL technology.

The engagement had two phases. Phase 1 was an initial assessment and review of
approach for the project. The ARC team of experts completed the detailed initial
analysis of the project within 3 days.

Phase 2 was an investigation of potential remediation, analysis of alternative
approaches and a determination of suitable recommended actions. Within 6 weeks,
the major problems and root causes were identified, recommendations for remedial
actions were finalized and a project schedule impact was developed.

The client was provided with a Project Assessment Findings/Discussion Paper and an
Overview Presentation of Recommendations.

The majority of the dozens of recommendations were adopted by the client and the
project was able to meet its key objectives in a timely manner. The project was
completed and the system went live successfully a month later than the originally
targeted date.

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Recommendations + Implementation = Success


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