Adapting Your Organization To Office 365 [Video]

Adapting Your Organization to Office 365 [Video]

In this webinar video, senior IT and productivity professionals at ARC Business Solutions and the Real Estate Council Of Alberta (RECA) breakdown what they learned from migrating RECA to the O365 environment.

In This Video, You’ll Learn:

  • How you can leverage Office 365 to promote staff engagement, content and collaboration, and security & compliance.
  • Why RECA decided to use O365 over other systems
  • Best practices for company-wide implementation of O365, SharePoint, and MS Teams
  • Best practices for data at rest and data in transit

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About ARC Business Solutions

ARC Business Solutions Inc. is an established, growing and customer-oriented information technology solution provider with proven abilities to incorporate strategy, creativity and technical aspects into business solutions. ARC serves customer throughout North America and operates out of offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Regina, and Nevada.


About RECA 

As the governing body for Alberta’s real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage, property management and real estate appraisal professionals, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) is committed to the public interest by promoting the integrity of the industry and protecting consumers.


Michael den Ouden
Director, Business Development
ARC Business Solutions

Michael is responsible for business development in both Calgary and Saskatchewan, and has been in Account Management in the IT sector since 1996. He is recognized for opening new markets, and is known for his solution selling knowledge coupled with his strong relationship management. Michael’s past assignments have varied from software sales to general IT services.

Stefan Myroniuk
IT Manager
Real Estate Council of Alberta

Stefan is the IT Manager at the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) with 16 years of experience working with fantastic people, managing projects, supporting datacenter operations, developing software services, and aligning business solutions to strategic objectives. Stefan has led several key projects including the RECA Building Project (2018), the myRECA project (2016 PMI-SAC Project of the Year, Business and Information Systems) and RECA’s Information Security Program. He is an active member with the Project Management Advisory Committee at Mont Royal University and the Security Professionals Information Exchange (SPIE). Father, coach, mentor and passionate fan of the Calgary Cavalry!

Zeke Iribar
Manager, Business Productivity Solutions
ARC Business Solutions

Zeke is a business solutions expert with over 14 years of experience in many facets of IT solution delivery. Information/records management and business enablement specialist. Hardware tinkerer, mentor, speaker, coder and advocate for emerging technologies.

Case Study – Admin System Replacement

Case Study – Admin System Replacement

Enterprise Healthcare Solutions Delivery

  • Health benefits solutions provider (health, dental disability)
  • Leading health benefits provider in Canada
  • Serving approximately 2 Million people
  • Administration system replacement
  • Enterprise solutions delivery
  • Group and individual products
  • Oracle and Java technologies
  • Web services solution

As part of the Client’s strategic plan, approval was given to replace the entire benefits administration system. The key driver for the replacement was the technology of the legacy systems and the ability to maintain, support, and enhance the applications to increase competitiveness and continue to meet the growing needs of the business.


ARC participated in this program over the course of 6+ years from 2009 through to 2015 in numerous roles and approximately 20 resources working across various projects.

Business Case

The following functional areas were in scope for system replacement:

  1. Benefit Plan System (including Group and Individual Products)
  2. Sales System
  3. Enrollment System
  4. Financial System
  5. Party Registry
  6. Rules Registry

Business Solution

The first phase of the program was to develop enterprise architecture and standards used as a baseline for all projects to follow. The technology selected is Oracle’s ADF/JDeveloper/JAVA tools with Oracle RDMS. Components of the solutions are web-based portals to allow underwriters to define new benefit plans, sales staff to sell the plans, administrators to enroll and bill clients.

ARC’s participated in this program over the course of 6+ years from 2009 through to 2015 in the following roles and approximately 20 resources working across various projects:

  • Project Manager
  • Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Developer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Trainer

ARC continues to provide support of these solutions today.

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