Case Study – Admin System Replacement

Case Study - Admin System Replacement

Executive Summary

  • Health benefits solutions provider (health, dental disability)
  • Leading health benefits provider in Canada
  • Serving approximately 2 Million people
  • Administration system replacement
  • Enterprise solutions delivery
  • Group and individual products
  • Oracle and Java technologies
  • Web services solution

Business Case

As part of the Client’s strategic plan, approval was given to replace the entire benefits administration system. The key driver for the replacement was the technology of the legacy systems and the ability to maintain, support, and enhance the applications to increase competitiveness and continue to meet the growing needs of the business. The following functional areas were in scope for system replacement:

  1. Benefit Plan System (including Group and Individual Products)
  2. Sales System
  3. Enrollment System
  4. Financial System
  5. Party Registry
  6. Rules Registry

Business Solution

The first phase of the program was to develop enterprise architecture and standards used as a baseline for all projects to follow. The technology selected is Oracle’s ADF/JDeveloper/JAVA tools with Oracle RDMS. Components of the solutions are web-based portals to allow underwriters to define new benefit plans, sales staff to sell the plans, administrators to enroll and bill clients.

ARC’s participated in this program over the course of 6+ years from 2009 through to 2015 in the following roles and approximately 20 resources working across various projects:

  • Project Manager
  • Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Developer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Trainer

ARC continues to support these solutions today.