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Celero Case Study

Financial Communications Mobile App


Celero was seeking ways to better communicate the Credit Unions that they support.


Successful rollout of a mobile application to broadcast to their up-to-date information.  The application will communicate announcements, bulletins, newsletters and system alerts.  It is a dynamic tool for delivering messages to their multi-regional client base.


A leading provider of payments solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada. Formed in 2003 with a proven track record delivering innovative banking technologies, digital and payment solutions, cloud computing, outsourcing, IT, and advisory services.  Celero offers reliability and security through our world-class hosted banking system and data centre operations.


Business Case

Celero was searching for an IT consulting company to design a mobile solution end-to-end from Requirements Confirmation, Design to Development, Implementation, Quality Analysis, and Deployment.  Celero also wanted to ensure that the solution was visually polished and professionally designed with intuitive navigation to deliver a brilliant user-experience.

Business Solution

ARC was selected as the organization to design and implement the mobile solution.  The mobile solution enabled Celero to have a mobile application to be compatible across all iOS and Android platforms.  The solution included:

Mobile Client

The mobile client developed using the hybrid framework will communicate with the server to update and display latest products, alerts and bulletins.  The application will be installed with a set of Products and product images preloaded to be displayed to the user. Upon successful connection to the Internet, bulletins, alerts and product updates will be downloaded through Celero provided web API’s, and the information stored on the device will be updated accordingly. Product images will be referenced in the product information with a URL, and will be downloaded and cached to device.

Server Side 

The server side consists of API endpoints to provide the mobile application a means to authenticate, retrieve configuration and refresh the product/bulletin/alert data stored on the device. Initially, for development and testing, these API’s can consist of text files adhering to the specific JSON format, and being accessible from a public URL. Ultimately, these API’s should be implemented in Celero’s extranet site. At the very least, the authentication API will need to be integrated with the extranet site, whereas the configuration and data refresh could continue to be edited as a plain file even after deploying to production. The URL’s at which these API’s can be reached need to be fixed before going to production.

Push Notifications

Celero was enabled to have an automated message sent by an application to a clients when the application is not open.

“Celero worked ARC Business Solutions for the creation, development and deployment of our client mobile application. The cross platform mobile application serves as a key communication tool for our diverse client base of Canadian credit unions and other financial services organizations. The ARC Mobile team was extremely professional and helped guide us to an effective mobile app. I would recommend using ARC for all your mobile solution needs.”
Dean rathwell, general manager
Digital Banking
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