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Giving is not just about making a donation or volunteering your time.

It is about making a difference in your community.

All in for Kids - Kids Up Front

Kids Up Front Calgary provides experiences to deserving children and youth in the Calgary area.  They believe all kids should have access to enriching experiences like arts, culture and sporting events. ARC participated in the ‘All In For Kids’ poker tournament, it was a lot of fun and for a good cause! 

Movember Challenge and Fundraiser:

ARC had some fun this year in 2022 and we put a team together and grew our best ‘Burt Reynolds’ mustache! Thank you to everyone who supported us and men’s health, we truly appreciate it! The team raised $7,920

Some Local Charities that ARC supports:

A Journey to Truth and Reconciliation:

ARC is committed to listening, learning, reflecting and acting,

so we can contribute to substantial change year round.

Charity of Choice Spotlight: The Zebra Child Protection Centre

Creating a Brighter Future

Edmonton’s Zebra Protection Centre is in place for children and youth. They work towards the common goals of supporting children and youth who have experienced abuse and are creating a future where every child and youth is heard.

The Support that They Provide

  • Child Advocasy 
  • The Child needs to remain everyone’s top priority
  • Forensic Interview
  • A recorded conversation where the child can tell their store in a safe and comfortable enviornment
  • Very Important Paws
  • Fletcher, Captain & Triggs provide comfort within the centre and courthouse
  • Hope’s Toy Closet
  • A very special place where a child or youth’s bravery is celebrated with a new toy or quilt
  • Backpack Program
  • Every child in need leaves with the appropriate clothing, pyjamas and personal items. 
  • Care Calls
  • Regular check-ins to offer file updates, referrals and emotional support to caregivers
  • Crisis Response
  • 24-hour crisis response to children who are in immediate need of intervention
  • Trauma Referrals
  • Connect children to trusted counceling and trauma professionals in the community
  • Court Accompaniment
  • Preparation and accompaniment is a key step in addressing myths or fears sorrounding the court process

Find out More Information on Their Website:

ARC In the Community:

Staff Spotlight: Darwin Perrier

Principal, Darwin Perrier has raised $4,665 since 2020 for Movember, not to raise money but to try and get people tested. You can get tested by doing a PSA Test (blood work) in combination with a physical.  Darwin has recently been diagnosed with stage 1, prostate cancer, 100% curable with surgery.

The statistics are pretty scary, 40% of men over 40 have prostate cancer, 50% over 50, 60% over 60, 70% over 70, and 80% over 80.  If prostate cancer isn’t caught early, it spreads to the lymph nodes, the bones, and then other organs. the earlier it is caught the easier treatment is. 

We are so proud to announce that Darwin had a very successful surgery this past December 2021, is now in recovery mode, and is happy to report he is cancer-free today! 

We can all be resilient together, save a life, get yourself or a loved one tested!

ARC In the Community:

Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Hassan

Solutions Delivery Stephanie Hassan

Stephanie Hassan, an Employee at ARC, is participating in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Dry February.  

We’ve all been touched by cancer, we know someone who has had it or have been diagnosed with it. Stephanie has lost her mom to cancer and would like to take any opportunity she can to help raise money for research and care. 

Help us raise funds for Stephanie here:

Stephanie Hassan Dry February Donations

Even in Calgary we cheer for the Oilers! The families had a tonne of fun at our Calgary bowling event and even had some spares!

We love to duplicate events because we had so much fun! This might just be an annual thing for us. Another year, and some new faces, we are always growing and evolving at ARC!  Thanks to everyone who came out this year! 

We had some fun, had a few strikes, had a few snacks and had a few laughs! 

bowling 2

Tis the season to be jolly! We love to get together during the holiday season and enjoy a nice meal and cocktails in good company. 

ARC has been very busy working hard! We also like to get together, have fun and and keep our relationships strong. We really are a family an ARC! For this quarterly event, we enjoyed lots of tasty dishes and refreshments at the Taste of Edmonton! It was a beautiful summer evening.

Our ARC Managed Services team not only can fix all our computers, but they can also get themselves out of an escape room too! Nice work team! 

At ARC we believe that a strong company culture is the key to success. Our culture is built on a foundation of respect, collaboration, and innovation, and we’re proud to say that it’s one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll feel the positive energy and sense of community that permeates our workplace. Our team members are passionate about their work, and they’re always willing to lend a helping hand to their colleagues.

But it’s not all work and no play. We understand the importance of work-life balance, and we provide our team members with the flexibility they need to thrive. From flexible schedules to remote work options, we’re committed to supporting our employees’ personal and professional goals.

At our company, we believe that happy employees are the key to a successful business. That’s why we invest in our team members’ well-being, providing them with the tools and resources they need to grow and succeed both personally and professionally.

If you’re looking for a company with a vibrant culture that values innovation, collaboration, and work-life balance, look no further than our company. Join our team today and experience the difference that a great company culture can make!