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Utility Sector - Energy/Peak Forecasting & Demand Control

Visibility into both a forecast and actual data is lacking


  • Solar, Wind and other behind the Meter generation “hiding” the actual consumption
  • AMI and IoT data not being leveraged across all areas of the organization
  • Theft and unaccounted for energy not able to be determined
  • Demand response devices being deployed without accurate measures of their affect
  • Load shedding programs not able to determine how much load was actually shed
  • SCADA / OT devices having the data disparate from AMI and customer data
  • Digital Transformation Challenges and many others


  • Actual data collected
  • Partially collected data
  • Forecasts
  • Accurate transparency
  • Adjustments based on the forecast, intervention and behavior
  • Increased Savings – “actionable” and better information, including consecutive peaks and longer windows, producing real savings results
  • Reducing Costs – information to allow the best asset use and frequency
  • Less Effort – fewer tools and better information
  • Better Customer Care – fewer false calls and more information to provide with multiple contiguous peaks expected
  • Better Operation & System Planning
  • Outage Management for large customers
  • More stable Power System
  • Predictive analytics that shows what will occur based on demand response actions 

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