How the ARC Elections App Can Help You Leverage Your Current Training Materials

How the ARC Elections App Can Help You Leverage Your Current Training Materials

Convert your existing election training process into an enhanced mobile learning experience

Since election jurisdictions often hire temporary workers to fill positions for a short period of time, staff training is a consistent need. And while the vast majority of jurisdictions already have a training process in place, it isn’t always delivered in the most effective format.

Traditionally, election workers are trained in a classroom setting, where they read detailed manuals and training materials, and are eventually tested to see how much they’ve retained.

Unfortunately, however, the traditional approach to training election staff yields less-than-ideal results.

In fact, the retention rates that are produced via traditional training methods are noticeably low, with a mere 8-10 percent of information being recalled.

This is even more concerning when you consider that employees who are exposed to eLearning learn up to 5X more material.

So, how can the ARC Elections app help you capitalize on these statistics? And how can your current training materials be repurposed into an engaging mobile learning platform?

Let’s get to the answers.

Here Is How The ARC Elections App Can Help You Leverage your Current Training Materials:

1. Ability To Display Multiple Content Types

In a traditional training setting, election workers are typically limited to printed learning materials. And if video or other forms of training tools are used, it’s rarely in a way that is most convenient for them. Sometimes videos are displayed once on a classroom screen, giving workers only one chance to memorize the messaging. Other times they are accessible, but through a cumbersome online website that staff have to navigate through before they can find the content they need.

When you invest in an app for training workers, however, these issues are quickly eliminated. The ARC Elections app allows election jurisdictions to upload all forms of content, from video to PDF files to images and audio.

And the best part? Your staff are able to quickly and easily view each item by simply logging into their mobile app. 

No wonder 64 percent of learners find being able to access training materials on a mobile find to be essential and extremely useful.

When content is made available in a easily-accessible way, engagement rates soar and educational outcomes improve.

2. Ability To Present Materials In Engaging Ways

One of the most essential aspects of the election training process is the ability for jurisdictions to create a learning experience that staff actually enjoy participating in.

A mobile app is ideal when it comes to addressing this need, since jurisdictions can avail of cutting-edge technology to make their training more engaging.

In ARC Elections, for example, election jurisdictions can add simulations as a part of their staff training. These simulations allow jurisdictions to expose their workers to scenarios that mimic the real-life situations they will encounter on the job.

Additionally, simulation-based learning comes with a ton of benefits. They give workers the ability to learn through doing in a controlled and safe environment, exposing them to various scenarios and teaching them to adapt to unexpected circumstances.

This is especially advantageous when you consider that people recall 10 percent of what they read, but they remember more than 50 percent of what they learn through participation and interaction.

3. Ability To Provide Staff With Constant Access

In a traditional election training setting, workers would read printed materials, take tests based on those materials, and then often never look at those printed sheets of information again.

With a mobile app, however, election jurisdictions can ensure that their workers have constant access to educational materials. This is particularly helpful when they have questions while they are on-the-job, allowing them to quickly log into their app and find the information they are looking for.

Additionally, it reduces the need for organizations to worry about workers losing materials, certifications, or other important documents.

With the ARC Elections app, everything is conveniently stored in one location, and jurisdictions can make learning materials available by election role, from poll workers to senior directors.

In a nutshell? Election workers benefit from being able to rely on the fact that all the information they need is available at their fingertips, at any time. And jurisdictions benefit from knowing their staff have no excuse when it comes to being able to read up on information.

For these reasons, and many more,  using an app for elections training is an innovative solution that provides impressive return on investment.

And the fact that 47 percent of organizations are already using mobile devices in their training programs shows that mLearning is valued educational trend.


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