Importance of Community for Healthy Living

What research says about the importance of community and social connectivity and a long, health and happy life!

Research has found that probably the most important ingredient to a healthy life is not a specific diet or supplement, but rather to have close friends and strong family connections, a strong social network, a sense of belonging.

A strong social network is not to be confused with having a lot of connections on facebook. In fact, the jury is still out on whether social media does more harm than good, though it probably comes down to how it is used.

But getting out an connecting with your neighbours, helping out in the community and making it a more engaging place to live, these are the sorts of social activities that will undoubtedly help develop new and strengthen existing friendships. And CommuniBee is here to help reach more people in your neighbourhood and make that a reality!

Belong: Be part of a faith-based community or organization

Love Ones First: Have close friends and strong family connections

Right Tribe: Cultivate close friends and strong social networks

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