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Utility Sector - Improving Meter/Device Data Collection, Evaluation and Analytics

  • Utilize C&I meters without over a day of delay
  • Visibility not available in SCADA
  • Reduce costs of deployment of devices

Core Business: highly scalable, configurable software for utilities 

Meter Data Collection

Alarm + Notfications

Energy Balances + Theft Detection

Demand Response 

Outage Detection

Power Quality 


  • Rebust and flexible meter data collector that supports hundreds of models in two way communication
  • Collect and monitor energy data from C&I meters in several ways in near real-time 
  • Alerts and notifications that further adds value to a robust and proactive approach to these high revenue customers
  • Can leverage other ARC solutions for forecasting to fill in the gaps for missing or delayed data

Success Story

In the recent past, a global airline company had a full system-wide outage that grounded their entire fleet.  Tens of thousands of people were stranded after flights were halted around the globe due to a customer equipment failure that caused the outage.  The reason for the outage was not the utilities’ fault but had they had visibility of the disruption they could have aided in the repair and notified the customer.  This magnified the need for large investor owner utility visibility into the power delivery for their largest C&I customers. 

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