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Innovative Software? -> Don't forget about Integration and Support

What can we learn from past challenges?

SpaceX Falcon9 launch scrubbed. Integration issues caused an Aircraft to enter the no-fly zone: Elon Musk Tweet

Cleo has surveyed 509 organizations in their 2021 State of Ecosystem and Application Integration Report. (a software ARC has chosen and implemented for some of our clients)

  • Lost Revenue: 74% of companies lost more revenue due to integration issues in 2020 than in 2019.
  • Lost Orders: 88% admit they lost orders, and more than half said they lost more orders in 2020 than in the previous year. 25% admit they really don’t know how many orders they are losing.
  • Cloud Migration: Having gained new perspective on how outdated integration technology negatively impacts revenue, 96% of companies say they’ll focus more on cloud migration and digital transformation in 2021.

MuleSoft Study Reveals Integration Challenges Threaten Digital Transformation, With Organizations Spending on Average $3.5 Million on Custom Integration Labor Costs (also software we utilize)

  • Only 37% of IT teams were able to complete all the projects asked of them last year, and are asked to complete 30% more projects this year. MuleSoft Report

We have had clients sever relationships with vendors specifically for integration challenges with their software.

Those software vendors that are able to support their software is yet another issue.

At the 2021 Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solution Summit their focus has been on 5 areas that we at ARC have prided ourselves on since 1998: Gartner summit results

  • Emerging technologies that are driving the future of applications
  • Composable business architecture 
  • Agile development and DevOps
  • Application modernization, rationalization and integration strategies
  • How to improve collaboration between IT and the business

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