Solution – Application Maintenance and Development Services

Executive Summary

  • Cost-effective Application Maintenance and Development Services
  • Knowledge transfer for existing, on-going and planned systems
  • Team deployed in using a phased-in process to maximize effectiveness
  • Introduction of formal incident resolution processes
  • Reporting and analytics for IT management and client groups

Business Case

ARC delivered on-site in a team consisting of technical resources with the appropriate skills and experience required to deliver Application Maintenance and Development Services for a public sector client. This multiyear AMDS delivered technical expertise and solutions in the following environments:

  • Supply of the core systems analyst resources to participate in the delivery of application maintenance services
  • Supply of supplementary systems analyst resources on an as-is-required basis
  • Supply specialty resources on an as-is required basis
  • Provide additional Application Development Services (ADS) for new applications and major enhancements to existing applications

The business vision sought to achieve Improving increased governance, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction and control over the design aspects of the application portfolio:

  • Retain key design decisions of customer’s application system
  • Cost-effect supply of application resources with an optimal scalability
  • Reduce risk on skill obsolescence
  • Minimal staff replacement and re-assignment for an extended period of time to ensure continuity

Business Solution

  • Transition
    • Assess corporate readiness for resource on-boarding and transition
    • Assemble 12 person cross-disciplinary with varying seniority
    • Phase-in transition to ensure on-boarding effectiveness
      • Administrative
      • Project Management
      • Application Support
    • Knowledge transition from previous vendor, customer, documentation
  • Delivery
    • Deliver identified project and support requests
    • Risk mitigation stragies