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Utility Sector - NIST Cybersecurity Assessment and Remediation Services

NERC CIP Compliance Lifecycle Management

Case Studies – What Did ARC Deliver?

Q: How strong is your defense and can you recover?

A: Secure by Design


  • The organization is at high risk because they had an aging Data Center which was not meeting standards


  • ARC utilized a CISSP technical architect with >20 years experience to design and build a state of the art data center which fully meets NIST cybersecurity requirements


  • One of the first EMP Pulse shielded facilities in the USA commissioned in 2019


  • IT and OT Assessment and remediation services required due to significant risk to the organization


  • ARC develops a comprehensive assessment and effective plan that customer approves


  • Significant security event avoided


  • One of the most sophisticated smart grid implementations in the USA (2100 km of fiber)
  • Power corridor between Hydro Quebec and New England
  • 2025: 20% Solar General Target (1GW) 
  • Largest city in Vermont
  • NetZero generation

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