Organization Is The Key To Success

Studies show there is a link between clutter and your decreased mental, emotional, and physical health. Now that we know it affects our health, let’s uncover how to solve this. 

A lack of organization can cause you to be constantly late, miss deadlines, and in turn lead to extra stress. Many may turn to outlets like yoga, meditation, or other therapies to help cope with the stress, but these methods won’t actually address your root cause of stress: disorganization. 

Here are some tips for organizing for success. 

1. Goals

Set goals that are realistic. When severe hoarders are ready to start tackling their big mess, therapists encourage them to simply get rid of one thing. That is the first big baby step. When you set manageable goals you will feel more confident and happy when you start hitting them, and then eventually you’ll set more.

2. Technology

Technology can help tremendously. Learn how you can automate some of your tasks. There are so many tools now available and even for free that can make your life much simpler.  

3. You Know Yourself Best

Some people love to write everything down in their planner journals, while others would start and then quickly quit as that process is far to rigid. If you love a detailed plan, make sure you leave time for unexpected delays or tasks that may come up.

If you are a more of a “go with the flow” type of person, instead of breaking down your tasks by time or in a calendar you can break them down with tools like Trello or Microsoft Teams. You can still tackle items by date, however, allow for more freedom based on your mood and energy as you tackle your tasklist.

Getting to where you want to go is never going to happen without a plan. A goal is a place you want to get to, and a plan is a detailed means of getting there. Happy organizing!  

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