Smartphones: Today's Ubiquitous Training Delivery Platform

Smartphones: Today's Ubiquitous Training Delivery Platform

How smartphones are the key to better educational outcomes for employees of all types

There are numerous reasons why an employer may be reluctant to invest in a mobile app for employee training purposes. They may not be fully convinced of the return on investment that a mobile learning, or mLearning, platform will bring. They may be skeptical that their employees will engage with a new form of technology, or they may simply feel there are other traditional training methods that can yield the same results.

But as modern day technology continues to advance with alarming speed, businesses that avoid adapting to the times could be left in the dust.


Because staff might be put off by outdated approaches to learning they are forced through. Or they might not feel valued if the company doesn’t keep up with modern tools. So more and more companies are utilizing mLearning strategies and mobile apps to bring their training processes up to date. 

And not only are these methods increasing in popularity, but they are also producing noteworthy results.

In fact, 67 percent of organizations now offer mobile learning in some form, and 99 percent of mobile users believe that mLearning has enhanced their educational experience.

So, with these numbers in mind, what should entrepreneurs and business owners know about mobile training platforms? And if they are interested in investing in a mobile app, how can they ensure its successful?

We share our best tips below.

Three Reasons To Use Smartphones For Employee Training:

1. Reach Staff Anywhere, Anytime

Communicating with a large group of employees is rarely an easy task. Often, staff are in and out of meetings and it can be very difficult to round everyone up if you have a message to deliver.

With a mobile app, however, employers can communicate with staff at any time, eliminating these restrictions.

In fact, your team members do not even have to have the app open on their mobile device to receive updates, thanks to convenient push notifications.

This makes a tremendous difference to your training process, allowing your team members to receive all the latest information in real time, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Plus, with 77 percent of Americans owning a smartphone, and 95 percent owning a mobile device of some kind, you can be assured that mLearning is a an educational solution that works for today’s world.

2. Smoother Company Transitions

When employees are forced to embrace change, there is almost always pushback. In fact, statistics show that 70 percent of change programs fail to achieve their goals.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. 

Statistics also show that when employees are truly invested in change these programs are 30 percent more likely to stick.

And since 72 percent of employees who are exposed to mLearning report increased engagement, a mobile app could be the perfect way to ease tension during periods of change in your company.

After all, the more prepared your team members feel to fulfill a new role or responsibility, the less apprehensive and reluctant to change they will be. 

By introducing an interesting, convenient, and captivating training platform, you are not only setting your employees up for success, but the future of your business as well.

3. Increase Retention With Micro-Content

Did you know a UCLA study has proven that if a student sacrifices sleep time in order to study more than usual, he or she is likely to have more academic problems, not less, on the following day?

Cramming in large amounts of learning simply does not work.

This information is specifically important for business owners, since so many are still using traditional training methods that have been shown to be ineffective.

In fact, retention rates are an alarmingly low 8-10 percent for traditional training methods.

When eLearning strategies are used, however, these numbers increase dramatically.

And more specifically, when micro-content is used, educational outcomes become easier to comprehend and much more likely to be retained by your staff.

Not convinced?

A recent study from Germany found that short-form content drives over 20 percent more information retention.

And the best part? A mobile app is the perfect way to make short-form content available to your employees. Whether it’s short training videos, gamified quizzes, or training simulations based on real-life situations, mobile training platforms are ideal for making bite-sized learning modules available to your team members.

These smartphone advantages make mLearning an almost necessary option for companies of all sizes. 

With Reach, not only can you make these benefits a reality for your company, but you can do so in a cost effective way that makes sense for your bottom line budget. 

Since our mobile app framework is built using a single code base and is already developed to be highly customizable and flexible, it can be delivered and implemented at a lower price.

When you use our platform, you also gain access to the following features:

1.    Self-serve management dashboard to create your content
2.    Rich gamification capabilities
3.    Team and problem-based learning
4.    Multiple Communication and Collaboration channels


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